SCHOOL prefer flexible exchange rate regime, the reason

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Unemployment in Turkey Prepared By Mohammad Sweid Ali Kobaysi Ali Tafesh Houssam Krayem Submitted To Dr. Hassan Houmani Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the course BECO575- Economics for Managers Summer 2017-2018 Saida Campus, Lebanon ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to Dr. Hassan Houmani who gave us the golden opportunity to do this project, which also helped us in doing a lot of Research and we came to know about so many things.

ABSTRACT / EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This study is about the history of Turkish lira and how it is vary from year to year. Next, in briefly way, we will talk about the Turkish exchange rate, GDP and finally the unemployment. It was requested by our team formed of Mohammad, Ali, Ali, and Houssam. It was requested on 10 July 2018. The main findings were that the Turkish lira esteem diminishes after some time since we have numerous variables that influence the money.

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The deterioration of Turkish lira esteem was influence the economy on the grounds that the swapping scale USD/TUR was expanding over the time so the Turkish cash was diminishing and this reduction influence the fare and Import. It was concluded that Turkey prefer flexible exchange rate regime, the reason behind to go for such flexibility is that it keep macroeconomic adjustments easy for both foreign and domestic shocks. However, such flexibility also results in high cost because of the high fluctuations in nominal and real exchange rate that may apart us from differently allocating the resources. Hence, Exchange rates play a very important role in a countrys level of trade, which is very critical element for every open market economy. TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents HYPERLINK l page2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS HYPERLINK l page2 I HYPERLINK l page3 ABSTRACT / EXECUTIVE SUMMARY HYPERLINK l page3 II HYPERLINK l page4 TABLE OF CONTENTS HYPERLINK l page4 III HYPERLINK l page5 LIST OF Chart HYPERLINK l page5 IV HYPERLINK l page6 LIST OF TABLES HYPERLINK l page6 V HYPERLINK l page7 INTRODUCTION HYPERLINK l page7 1 HYPERLINK l page9 1. LITERATURE REVIEW HYPERLINK l page9 3 I.

HYPERLINK l page9 Main types of unemployment HYPERLINK l page9 3 II. HYPERLINK l page10 The Structure of Unemployment in Turkey HYPERLINK l page10 4 HYPERLINK l page13 2. METHODOLOGY HYPERLINK l page13 7 HYPERLINK l page14 3. FINDINGS HYPERLINK l page14 8 HYPERLINK l page15 4. DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS HYPERLINK l page15 9 1) HYPERLINK l page15 Exchange rate HYPERLINK l page15 9 2) HYPERLINK l page18 Gross Domestic Production HYPERLINK l page18 12 3) HYPERLINK l page20 Unemployment HYPERLINK l page20 14 4) HYPERLINK l page21 Turkeys Financial Situation HYPERLINK l page21 15 a) HYPERLINK l page21 The Importance of Turkish Imports HYPERLINK l page21 15 b) HYPERLINK l page22 Turkish Exports HYPERLINK l page22 16 HYPERLINK l page23 CONCLUSIONS HYPERLINK l page23 17 HYPERLINK l page25 RECOMMENDATIONS HYPERLINK l page25 19 HYPERLINK l page26 REFERENCES HYPERLINK l page26 20 LIST OF Figures TOC h z c Figure HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.doc l _Toc520208120 Figure 1 Turkey Exchange Rate Chart PAGEREF _Toc520208120 h 18 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.doc l _Toc520208121 Figure 2 the variation of GDP over the years. PAGEREF _Toc520208121 h 21 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.

doc l _Toc520208122 Figure 3 The change in Unemployment Rate over the years PAGEREF _Toc520208122 h 22 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.doc l _Toc520208123 Figure 4 GDP variation among time PAGEREF _Toc520208123 h 31 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.doc l _Toc520208124 Figure 5 Unemployment variation among time PAGEREF _Toc520208124 h 32 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.

doc l _Toc520208125 Figure 6 Exchange rate variation among time PAGEREF _Toc520208125 h 32 LIST OF TABLES TOC h z c Table HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.doc l _Toc520207194 Table 1 Descriptive Statistics of all variables PAGEREF _Toc520207194 h 25 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.doc l _Toc520207195 Table 2 Exchange rate of Turkish Lira compared with US Dollar PAGEREF _Toc520207195 h 26 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.doc l _Toc520207196 Table 3 GDP Variance among years PAGEREF _Toc520207196 h 28 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.

doc l _Toc520207197 Table 4 Unemployment rate Variance among years PAGEREF _Toc520207197 h 29 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.doc l _Toc520207198 Table 5 ANOVA test for GDP and Unemployment PAGEREF _Toc520207198 h 30 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.doc l _Toc520207199 Table 6 One-Sample Test for all variables PAGEREF _Toc520207199 h 30 HYPERLINK CUserspcDesktopUpdate Final project Economic.doc l _Toc520207200 Table 7 One-Sample Statistics for all variables PAGEREF _Toc520207200 h 31 INTRODUCTION As an issue of first significance, we will show in like way the chronicled setting of Turkish lira, The hidden establishments of the Turkish Lira begin from the obsolete Roman weight estimation, the Libra, and the present cash is the cutting edge relative of this old money system. In 1844 the Ottoman Lira was created as the essential unit of cash with the Ottoman Empires past cash, remaining as a subdivision. This cash remains around eighty three years accessible for utilize.

In 1995, the Guinness Book of Records recorded that the Turkish lira was the base critical wherever all through the world, in the wake of going a tremendous drop consistently. The modification in the rate of exchange happens in light of the showing of another sort of the Lira in January 2005, after a law was passed in 2003 which considered a redenomination of the money. In a way or another, the Turkish swapping scale end up being all the more consistent over the latest 11 years, and the new Lira got its quality after 2004.After that, at 2012 the Central bank of republic of turkey put the new picture of lira, which was made by TulayLale, a letter L shaped like half remain. Third, the Turkish economy, The Turkish economy has been depicted as a rising advancing economy and it may be a starting late industrialized country. It could be a driving maker of agrarian things and furthermore materials, ships, engine vehicles, transportation equipment, nearby machines, customer contraptions and change materials. The countrys provincial industry may be an imperative supplier to the GDP with things, for instance, pomegranates, hazelnuts, figs and apricots being irreplaceable to the economy paying little mind to the way that this industry has been in spoil since the 1980s.

Figuring is in addition basic to the economy and furthermore animals things. Other essential divisions solidify the mechanical division, particularly client gear, materials, engine vehicles, shipbuilding, fight hardware, steel and press. Turkey whats more wraps an uncommonly forceful change industry and their favorable position section is climbing in enormity, particularly with respect to transportation, convey correspondences and back. Turkeys wayfarer industry may be a quickly making division, with different resorts demonstrating overwhelming with abroad guests, ignoring the way that the fear of fear based abuse cause a few spoil inside the latest years. Turkeys basic exchanging colleagues meld Iran, Russia whats more, Germany. Theres other than a traditions affiliation which has been coordinated with the EU to expand mechanical creation for conveys. Turkey is considered among the worlds driving countries in rustic, material, advancement, contraptions, and home mechanical assemblies age.

It is dealt with the worlds eighteenth greatest apparent GDP and seventeenth greatest GDP by PPP. At long last, there are a few variables to hold up under as a primary concern – among considering the Turkish lira-that assumes vital part while deciding the estimation of the Turkish lira and the general soundness of the Turkish Economy. A couple of these perspectives consolidate back off European advancement and a debilitating inside the close-by geopolitical condition which influence oppositely upon the countries fare industry. 1. LITERATURE REVIEW Main types of unemployment Frictional unemployment This is joblessness caused when individuals take to move between employments, e.g. graduates or individuals evolving employments. There will dependably be some frictional joblessness in an economy since data isnt impeccable and it requires investment to look for some kind of employment.

Structural unemployment This happens because of a confusion of aptitudes in the work showcase it can be caused by Occupational fixed status. This alludes to the challenges in adapting new aptitudes relevant to another industry, and mechanical change, e.g. a jobless rancher may battle to look for some kind of employment in cutting edge businesses.

Geographical fixed status. This alludes to the trouble in moving areas to land a position, e.g. there might be employments in London, yet it could be hard to discover appropriate settlement or tutoring for their youngsters. Technological change.

In the event that there is the advancement of work sparing innovation in a few businesses, at that point there will be a fall sought after for work. Structural change in the economy. The decay of the coal mines because of an absence of aggressiveness implied that numerous coal diggers were jobless. Be that as it may, they thought that it was hard to land positions in new enterprises, for example, PCs. Classical or real wage unemployment Request lacking or Cyclical unemployment Demand insufficient joblessness happens when the economy is beneath full limit. For instance, in a subsidence total request (AD) will fall prompting a decrease in yield and negative monetary development. With a fall in yield, firms will utilize less specialists since they are delivering less products. Likewise, a few firms will leave business prompting expansive scale redundancies.

In subsidences, joblessness tends to rise quickly as firms lay off specialists. The Structure of Unemployment in Turkey Particularly while work potential in urban communities is always expanding because of the impacts of quick populace development and movement from provincial to urban regions work support rate is diminishing consistently due to entomb farming present day segment relocation and disarrangement of new business openings (Lewis, 1954 Lewis, 1979 Harris and Todaro, 1970). Then again, the frequently money related emergencies from the impact of globalization, uncover noteworthy consequences for joblessness. The previously mentioned factors assume a part in tirelessness of joblessness. In the vicinity of 1980 and 2010 working-age populace in Turkey expanded by around 27 million, though just 6.5 million employments were made in this period. For this situation we can discover the work rate is around 40.

This rate is among the least levels on the planet. EU-15 normal of this proportion is 65. Populace is 72 million 606 thousand individuals toward the finish of 2006, the dynamic populace expanded by 12 to 51 million 668 thousand from 46 million 211, out of, this expansion in populace and dynamic populace, has not been reflected at a similar rate over work and business. Roughly work drive has demonstrated a 7.5 expansion, business expanded by just 3.5.

The quantity of jobless has expanded from 1 million 497 thousand out of 2000 to 2 million 446 thousand out of 2006, expanded by 63 inside seven years. Thus, out-of work drive has expanded by 16 from 23 million 133 thousand 892 thousand to 26 million. In these conditions unmistakably the joblessness rate is a long way from TURKSTAT rates. Joblessness rate is a long way from mirroring the truth while populace increments and the work compel support rate decays. A total auxiliary change can be analyzed in view of the 2000s, with the exception of work compel interest rate decrease. Dissolving of horticultural division, incomplete change from work serious creation to capital escalated generation at assembling segment plays had been viable in the perseverance of joblessness. At the point when past 1990 period is explored the concealed joblessness is at an abnormal state since the work rates in the horticultural segment are still analyzed so high.

Turkey is the second of the world as far as the heaviness of work in the horticultural area. While 3.1 of aggregate work in the EU is in agrarian area, this rate is 41.4 in Turkey. Of the aggregate work in 2000, 34.5 agriculture, 24.

6 industry, 40.9 is in administrations. In 2006, 47.3 of aggregate work is in the administrations segment, 27.3 is in the farming segment, 25.4 are utilized in the mechanical area. In 2010, 54.9 of the aggregate utilized is in the administrations segment, while 19.

9 of it is utilized in the mechanical division 25.15 was utilized in the farming area. (In view of TURKSTAT information and HHIA). In 2010, Non-horticultural joblessness rate in Turkey remained at 13.3 for every penny, 1.3 rate point increment over a similar period the earlier year. At the point when, non-agrarian segments are inspected, the lions share of joblessness is in non-horticultural area takes consideration. All things considered, independent work and wide execution of unpaid family laborers in Turkey is imperative.

2. METHODOLOGY In this research we are going to use a deductive approach to theory development in which were going to collect data to explore, identify and explain the concept of the Turkish liras value by determining the exchange rate, gross domestic production and the variation of unemployment rate over the years. In addition, research comprises both quantitative in addition to qualitative methods. The quantitative information is gathered from main resources by examining the variation over years. The numeric results are further altered to qualitative results that come up with causes and analysis of the relation between Turkish Economy and the Turkish Liras Value. 3. FINDINGS Turkish Lira value and its variation exert a major influence on the economy directly, as well as the depreciation of Turkish lira against USD affects export and import where the number of exports has not been as high in recent years and import increase.

Increase in inflation over the years may causes public sector Budget deficit, Monetization of public sector budget deficit, Massive infrastructure investments, High military expenditures, Political instability, Persistent inflationary expectations of economic agents, Increase in imported input prices escalates exchange rates, Increases in Crude oil prices, Increase in regulated prices of public sector products used as input by the domestic private sector and Rising interest rates etc Also it increases the level of unemployment rate in the country over years. 4. DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS Exchange rate The Turkish liras (Attempt) slipping slide got pace in later weeks and tumbled to an unused record low against the U.S. dollar. On 14 September, the Attempt goes to an all- time low against the greenback, completing the day at 3.

06 Attempt for each USD. This was 7.9 weaker than the level viewed around the same time of the previous month and addressed 31.0 degrading against Year-to-date. Since14 September, the lira has floated around its record moo regard, falling Level in later days to recover lost ground. The TRYs incapacitating came on the back of rising unsteadiness in Turkey joined with insecurity in overall markets. Snap choices and rising brutality in Turkey, along the edge worries over a respite in Chinawhich has caused a wide selloff of rising feature monetary standardshave all added to the liras devaluation. Center Financial issues Agreement Estimate specialists foresee the lira to trade at 3.

04 Attempt for every USD at the finish of 2015. For 2016, the board sees the Turkish money trading at 3.14 Attempt for every USD. In the following years, the yearly average exchange rate of the lira was as follows 2005 1 U.S. dollar 1.29 new Turkish lira (The use of New Turkish lira, which drops 6 zeros from the currency Turkish lira, was implemented in 2005) 2010 1 U.S.

dollar 1.55 Turkish lira 2011 1 U.S. dollar 1.

89 Turkish lira 2012 1 U.S. dollar 1.

80 Turkish lira 2013 1 U.S. dollar 2.

15 Turkish lira 2014 1 U.S. dollar 2.

33 Turkish lira 2015 (September) 1 U.S. dollar 3.00 Turkish lira 2016 (November) 1.U.S.

dollar 3.44 Turkish lira (average) Note Turkish lira (TRY) per U.S. dollar. The Turkish lira has devalued to contrast with USD in three expressions expound.

This devaluation anyway helps Turkish fares by making their items less expensive and more aggressive. Equalization of exchange Turkeys exchange shortfall expanded to 4.16 billion in October of 2016, contrasted with a 3.

67 billion hole multi year sooner, as fares diminished 3 percent to 12.841 billion and imports went up 0.5 percent. Year-on-year, sends out diminished to 12.841 billion, for the most part determined by assembling (- 2.97 percent) and farming and ranger service (- 10.

22 percent). Among assembling, medium-low-innovation items represented 27.7 percent and diminished 2.

33 percent high-innovation items represented 3.7 percent and fell 12.5 percent and low-innovation item represented 35.5 percent drop by 5.61 percent. While medium-high-innovation items spoke to 33.1 percent rose 0.66 percent.

In the meantime, shipments of horticulture, pursuing and officer benefit fell 10.22 percent, though extended for fisheries (14.29 percent) and mining and quarrying (14.

60 percent). Germany was the most exchange assistant (10.19 percent share), trailed by the United Kingdom (8.17 percent)), Italy (6.61 percent) and Iraq (6.

03 percent). Imports extended 0.5 percent to USD 17.

004 billion, fundamentally because of a 4.09 percent ascend in purchases of assembling. China was the most outcome assistant (13.02 percent share), taken after by Germany (10.

33 percent), Russia (7.08 percent), and Italy (5 percent).On a frequently adjusted commence, sends out extended by 2.5 percent from the previous month though imports decreased by 1.7 percent.

Gross Domestic Production Ankara, July15, 2016 In spite of a pick-up in private usage, Gross domestic product improvement directed since of slower stock develop, concurring to the July form of the World Banks Turkey Customary Financial Brief, issued these days in Ankara. The routinely and working day adjusted GDP advancement directed to an annualized rate of 3.3 percent, as analyzed with 4 percent in 2015 as a total.. Open wander declined to some degree to offset current contributing increment, and private hypothesis incapacitated as well. Net trades had a negative effect, as imports developed speedier than exchanges since of a steady Lira and thats just the beginning grounded family unit usage. Everything considered, exchanges seemed signs, taking after withdrawal inside the On the other hand, private usage fortified much refreshing to a 30 percent ascend inside the minimum wage, recovery in purchaser credit improvement, and drop in sustenance costs, though government contributing rose essentially since of choice assurances.

The Net Household Product (GDP) in Turkey was worth 718.22 billion US dollars in 2015. The GDP regard of Turkey addresses 1.16 percent of the world economy. Gross domestic product in Turkey found the center estimation of 217.33 USD Billion from 1960 until 2015, going to an unequaled tall of 823.24 USD Billion of every 2013 and a record low of 8.

02 USD Billion in 1961.GDP in Turkey is foreseen to be 734.00 USD Billion by the finish of 2016, consenting to Exchanging Financial issues overall extensive scale models and investigators wants. Inside the long haul, the Turkey GDP is foreseen to float around 776.00 USD Billion of every 2020, consenting to our econometric models. GDP growth GDP by sector 7.1 (2011-2015 avg.) 6.

1 (2016) Agriculture 8.1 industry 27.7 services 64.2 (2015 est.) Part of its growth, and probability of the instability of it, is a result of turkeys locus on services. Services account for 64.

2 of turkeys GDP. While its industrial activities for only 27.7, and agricultural activities at 8.1. GDP – composition, by end user Household consumption 68.2 Government consumption 15.

4 Investment in fixed capital 19.8 Investment in inventories 0 Exports of goods and services 28.7 Imports of goods and services -32.

1 (2015) Unemployment Conclusion pointer of yield in Finland rose 2.1 percent year-on-year in October 2016, taking after an upwardly rethought 1.9 percent improvement in September. It was the snappiest ascent since Admirable 2011, driven by a help increase in helper age, which consolidates creating and advancement (3.63 percent from 3.

93 percent) and organizations (0.81 percent from 0.72 percent). In the meantime, farming, ranger service and angling bobbed back (2.61 percent from – 1.41 percent). Joblessness Rate in Turkey found the center estimation of 9.93 percent from 2005 until 2016, achieving an untouched tall of 14.

80 percent in February of 2009 and a record low of 7.30 percent in June of 2012. Lamentably for the Turkish work compel, turkeys steady GDP development has not created the same number of occupations as the economy required.

Joblessness has had a rising pattern since oct2015 from 10.5 to 11.1. Joblessness achieves its most minimal point in April 2016 at 9.3and its most astounding point in September 2016 at 11.3. This consistent ascent in joblessness ought to be a noteworthy concern for the Turkish work compel, as well as predominantly for the Turkish government. Turkeys Financial Situation As of late, turkey is one of the worlds fastest creating economies.

Of late, turkey has made a vital push to diminish government spending and hence, has lessened the general open commitment to 39 of GDP in 2011.this is depended upon to drop another 1.5 point in2012 as demonstrated by the IMF (part turkey). To put this in setting, turkey has the lower open commitment to GDP extent than countries, for instance, japan, USA, and England. This is a positive sign to potential monetary experts, as it gives them sureness turkey is correct presently making and will continue making future commitment. Along these lines, turkey will see out and out cut down credit costs on commitments and furthermore the money related authorities will progress with more trust in regard Turkish government securities.

Unfortunately, while general society commitment has been on the diminishing recently, the countrys private commitment continues to increment. As they continue to create and pull in thought on the planet economy, there is extended focus on turkey decreasing their lack, particularly as to private commitment. The Importance of Turkish Imports Turkish Exports Turkey has focused on ensuring that it is endeavoring to construct admissions to all inclusive markets. In any case, starting late, the amount of passages has not been as high. The reason behind this needs to do with some geopolitical factors in the countries to which Turkey trades to. For example, Iraq continues overseeing political trouble, and budgetary challenges in the country. The Russian economy has been in a subsidence since 2014, and there are various issues with over-utilizations, and drops in month to month remuneration, which impacts Turkish imports into the country.

There has in like manner been more weak advancement in the European Union, which has furthermore influenced Turkish admissions (OECD, 2016). Descriptive StatisticsNMinimumMaximumMeanStd. DeviationGDP36644.



59469Valid N (listwise)36 CURRENCYFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValid1.1612.82.82.























8100.0Total36100.0100.0 GDPFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValid644.9012.82.

















82.869.4873.6912.82.872.2890.1212.82.875.0892.1412.82.877.8899.2512.82.880.6912.7212.82.883.3930.1412.82.886.1934.0712.82.888.9935.1012.82.891.7939.2512.82.894.4948.1212.82.897.2950.3212.82.8100.0Total36100.0100.0 UNEMPLOYEMENTFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValid11.0012.82.82.811.4025.65.68.311.6012.82.811.111.8025.65.616.711.9012.82.819.412.0038.38.327.812.1012.82.830.612.2038.38.338.912.3012.82.841.712.4012.82.844.412.5025.65.650.012.6012.82.852.812.8012.82.855.613.0025.65.661.113.1038.38.369.413.2012.82.872.213.5012.82.875.013.6012.82.877.813.8012.82.880.614.0025.65.686.114.1012.82.888.914.6012.82.891.714.8012.82.894.415.8012.82.897.215.9012.82.8100.0Total36100.0100.0 ANOVASum of SquaresdfMean SquareFSig.GDPBetween Groups228586.730317373.765.999.578Within Groups29536.41447384.104Total258123.14535UNEMPLOYEMENTBetween Groups46.586311.5033.285.127Within Groups1.8304.457Total48.41635 One-Sample TestTest Value 0 95 Confidence Interval of the DifferencetdfSig. (2-tailed)Mean DifferenceLowerUpperGDP58.22235.000833.33278804.2760862.3895CURRENCY19.79835.0001.962221.76102.1634UNEMPLOYEMENT65.65235.00012.8694412.471513.2674 One-Sample StatisticsNMeanStd. DeviationStd. Error MeanGDP36833.332885.8775114.31292CURRENCY361.9622.59469.09911UNEMPLOYEMENT3612.86941.17615.19602 CONCLUSIONS Turkey inclines toward adaptable conversion standard administration, the purpose for to go for such adaptability is that it keeps macroeconomic modifications simple for both remote and household stuns. Be that as it may, such adaptability additionally brings about mind-boggling expense as a result of the high variances in ostensible and genuine conversion scale that may separate us from contrastingly designating the assets. Thus, Exchange rates assume a vital part in a nations level of exchange, which is exceptionally basic component for each open market economy. In 2015, any extension in the inflow of remote financing to Turkey isnt typical because of the addition in U.S. advance expenses and in perspective of budgetary, political and geopolitical fragilities. Family unit markers are far from being charming for the outside theorist. Additions in swelling, especially in sustenance things, are showing security. Joblessness in September was 10.7 percent when every so often adjusted similarly, it looks as if it will climb aid the coming months. Various authorities share the view that the economy, which wound up far underneath want in the second from last quarter, will hardly close 2014 with 2.8 percent improvement. As a matter of fact, 4 percent was the advancement target. This goal was refreshed to 3.3 percent. Around the days end, advancement will be 2.8 percent and this suggests dissatisfaction being developed targets. The Turkish lira regard reduces after some time since we have various factors that impact the cash. Most importantly the downgrading of cash is impacted by development. In the latest years the swelling grows so it impact negative on the cash. Second when the national bank sees the cash is lessen over the time he extend the financing expense to pull in examiner to place assets into turkey and with this action the money will be addition after a time allotment. Next the GDP was impacting the cash, since it will reduce so in a comparative time the money will depreciate. These components play a basic in the disintegration of cash. The disintegration of Turkish lira regard was impact the economy in light of the fact that the swapping scale USD/TUR was growing over the time so the Turkish money was decreasing and this lessening impact the charge and Import. The Export was increment on the grounds that the things will be more affordable contraire in various countries so the remote come and buy the Turkish thing and the family unit will dont go for various countries to buy their need it will buy at the private association so the import will lessen. In perspective of swelling that present in Turkish and their money is fall apart so the joblessness rate will increase in light of the fact that the business ought to reduce their expenses for example as opposed to 10 experts, it will take 5 in the association and release 5 workers with no work, so thus the amount of joblessness increase. To wrap things up, the economy is impact by the current failed miracle and dread based oppressor attacks have incited a nonattendance of buyer trust in the Turkish economy. Also achieves a nonattendance of abroad wander which in like manner backs off Turkeys money related advancement .The TRYs incapacitating returned on the ascending of weakness in Turkey joined with unconventionality in overall markets. On the spot choices and rising brutality in Turkey, close by stresses over a log stick in Chinawhich has caused a wide selloff of creating business area fiscal structureshave all additional to the liras cheapening. Finally furthermore prompts a reduction in tourism which is a vital issue for a country that bases a great deal of its economy on its kind disposition and abroad visitors industry. RECOMMENDATIONS In the light of these conclusions, We recommend that the business should lessen their costs for instance rather than 10 specialists, it will take 5 in the organization and discharge 5 laborers without any works, so for this reasons the quantity of joblessness increment. To wrap things up, the economy is influence by the current fizzled upset and fear based oppressor assaults have prompted an absence of purchaser trust in the Turkish economy. Additionally brings about an absence of abroad venture which likewise backs off Turkeys monetary development. At long last additionally prompts a decrease in tourism which is a noteworthy issue for a nation that bases a lot of its economy on its friendliness and abroad guests industry. REFERENCES HYPERLINK http// http// HYPERLINK http//,2018 http// HYPERLINK https// https// https// Figure SEQ Figure ARABIC 6 Exchange rate variation among time Figure SEQ Figure ARABIC 5 Unemployment variation among time Figure SEQ Figure ARABIC 4 GDP variation among time Table SEQ Table ARABIC 7 One-Sample Statistics for all variables Table SEQ Table ARABIC 6 One-Sample Test for all variables Table SEQ Table ARABIC 5 ANOVA test for GDP and Unemployment Table SEQ Table ARABIC 4 Unemployment rate Variance among years Table SEQ Table ARABIC 3 GDP Variance among years Table SEQ Table ARABIC 2 Exchange rate of Turkish Lira compared with US Dollar Table SEQ Table ARABIC 1 Descriptive Statistics of all variables Figure SEQ Figure ARABIC 3 The change in Unemployment Rate over the years Figure SEQ Figure ARABIC 2 the variation of GDP over the years. 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