School start of, school uniforms are expensive.

School UniformsSchool uniforms are not a good idea. School uniforms don’t help with bullying (The guardian). They also cost some money( learningin21). School uniforms have no showing on how you are.

The 1 amendment says that you can express yourself freely. This is why school uniforms are a not amazing in schools.  To start of, school uniforms are expensive. ” Uniform tops cost $26.

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99, uniforms bottoms cost $34.99 or $44.99, pullovers cost $39.99 and vest cost $35.99″ ( learningin21). When you pay that much money you would expect very comfortable close.

  Rumor has it that they aren’t comfortable. When you work you won’t want to be itchy or cold. It can make you distracted from your work. Did you know that school uniforms do not help reduce bullying as much as not having uniforms. “A Texas Southern University study found that school discipline incidents rose by about 12% after the introduction of uniforms” (procons).

People thought that school uniforms help stop bullying but theres and different reasons people are bullying. Bullying is something that someone tried to stop, so they introduced uniforms(procon). If people from different schools come they could make fun of the people, because of what they are wearing. School uniforms don’t show your personality. If you come to a school for the first time, you want to see personality. If everyone is wearing the same thing than they will not  show how they are. One t-shirt can show if you are happy, or sad, frightened or mad(schoolhouse rock).

Bottom line, you would not show yourself. Someone children could say that teachers have too much dress code.So over all, school uniforms aren’t the greatest go-to. With money, showing personality, and they do not help with bullying that moch. With all the facts that got found, school uniforms should not exist . they break the first amendment of freedom of showing your feelings.           Work cited pagelearningin21.edublogs.

org/2014/03/28/students-shouldnt-have-to-wear-school-uniforms/.”School Uniforms –” ProConorg Headlines, school-uniforms., Emma. “Wearing a School Uniform Doesn’t Help Us Learn | Emma Jacobs.

” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 7 Nov. 2014, Schoolhouse Rock – Interjections!,


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