Scholars male domination has been the outcome of

   Scholars like Shulamith Firestone and
Alison Jagger have also emphasized the increased power of the male dominance in
our society. Through their works ‘The
Dialect of Sex’ and ‘Feminist Ethics’
respectively, they try to highlight the reasons we perceive the male sex as superior
of the two sexes. Firestone commences her reasoning by saying that the male domination
in our society and social problems such as racism are established through this
division of the two sexes. This sexual lack of balance is a state that has been
implanted in our world before the beginning of time of the animal kingdom. Unlike
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Firestone has a more dialectical approach and
she disagrees with their propositions saying that they were unsuccessful to taking
into account the basis of the historical dialectic. Shulamith Firestone contradicts
Engels by affirming that biology is the one to blame for male domination. It doesn’t
matter whether the society is governed by women or men, women and children, as they
grow, will always depend upon the father or the male to provide support for the
family. Thus she implies the concept of male domination has been the outcome of
the ‘biological family’. Moreover, a male is also required to give support to
the woman during her pregnancy hence making him the dominant sex. Firestone wants
to put an end to this ‘biological family’ saying that as reproduction is taken
by technology women will be able to escape this oppression of the male.
Firestone also adds that men are incapable of love, because of the Oedipus
complex and the prohibition of inbreeding, in consequence intercourse will
still exist between the two sexes in order for women to give to men the
necessary love they don’t receive from the world and provide them with
emotional identity and encourage cultural creativity. Men downgrade and demote women
they make love to in order to avoid an association with the mother which is the
primary prohibited love commodity. Sexual attraction thus omits the respect and
appreciation of men towards women.1
Consequently, according to the arguments of Firestone, there is a contradiction
between sex and biology and  to achieve
equality the perception that men have of women needs to be moderated. Moving on
to Alison Jaggar and her book ‘Feminist
Ethics’ which come to contradict Firestone
implying that a correlation between biology indeed exists and that society can
actually change biology. In five ways she explains that established beliefs are
the cause of the negligence of woman. 


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