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SBS was first created in 1973 andhas gone through some mergers and re-naming process.

  As we are already more than forty years old,all due diligence in jobs evaluation and asserting benchmark jobs have alreadybeen done by the pioneers.  We are gladthat they have laid down all foundations for us.  However, due to economy movements and changingmarket demands, we have always been evaluating our Compensation and BenefitsPolicies so that we can continue to stay relevant, remain attractive topotential employees and at the same time retain our existing valuableemployees. In our company, we ensure thatthe compensation packages that we offered to employees are internally alignedand externally competitive.

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  At the sametime, we have to ensure that the packages are sustainable so that we can ensurejob security to all employees who have come onboard with us.  We offer an excellent compensation packagethat is commensurate with qualifications and experience.  Our pay mix includes basic pay, allowances(varies with different job scopes), annual wage supplement and performancebonuses.  Increments are performancedriven.  Not forgetting our list ofbenefits on top of the current Statutory Acts, such as:·        Marriage Leave·        Compassionate Leave·        Dental Benefits·        Executive Health Screening·        Service Benefit (retirement)·        Ex-Gratia Payment Upon Death·        Group Personal Accident Insurance·        Holiday Chalets / Zoo Passes·        Scholarship Awards (to children of ouremployees)·        Referral Incentives·        Etc SBS Transit Limited is asubsidiary of ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited.  Although ComfortDelGro has a worldwide employeestrength of approximately 22,000 (excluding all hirers), bulk of the headcountfalls in Singapore, at approximately 12,000. Of which, SBS has a total strength of approximately 10,000 and more thanhalf are front-facing employees.

  Assuch, customer service and product knowledge is extremely critical.   We have a department that handlesall training of our employees.  Theyworked hand in hand with the various departments to find out what type of core coursesare needed for the employees.  They alsocome up with a list of soft skills for the employees to take to upgradethemselves.  Every year, every employeewill also be scheduled to attend our customer service courses.  As for the front-facing employees, they willhave customer service courses tailored to their area of work.

However, this department does everythingbut not teaching.  They plan, they sourcefor trainers or vendors, they facilitate, they gather feedback and assesscourses effectiveness.  ComfortDelGro has8 businesses in Singapore.  1.       SBSTransit Ltd                                   –Bus and Rail business2.       MooveMedia                                   –Advertising3.

       Drivingcentre                                    –where public learn how to drive4.       ComfortDelGroEngineering        – the garage for ourtaxis and buses5.       ComfortDelGroRent A Car          – where public andemployees rent their car6.       ComfortDelGroBus                        – buschartering business7.       ComfortDelGroTaxi                        – transportservice8.       Vicom                                                  –vehicle inspection centre So, let’s create one morebusiness! The Training Centre.

  Thetraining centre can help bring us closer to our Vision.  By training our employees in their coreskills and computer skills, they can better do their job.  By training them in their soft skills, we canfurther develop their abilities. Similar to SBS Transit, we alwaysuse pay-mix method.  We believe in ahigher basic pay so that employees can feel secure in their job.  However, we believe in giving employees more,in the form of allowances, annual wage supplement and performance bonus. In SBS Transit, we have a hierarchicaljob structure.

  Employees can join us atany level of the structure and work their way up.  Career progression is dependent onqualifications attained, experience gained, abilities to learn, take on moretask or more complex task and contributions to the team or company.  However, in the training centre,this job structure might not be too suitable. This training centre is to be created to serve SBS Transit and maybeother business unit.  We have a fix listof courses that we need to roll out to our employees.

  We will be hiring trainers specific to ourrequirement. Thus, the job structures will most likely be of egalitarianstyle.  In the example of a school, ateacher who was initially hired for English, upon promotion, he/she will beable to take on more tasks, and not more subjects.  Same concept for the training centre.  If we hire a trainer for language courses,upon promotion, he/she will still not be able to take on Safety courses.

  Thus, all trainers will be of almost equalranking, just taking on different courses.  Training is not an easy job.  Although they do not have to find clients andmeet sales target, they still have the important role of delivering knowledgeto the employees.  They have to designthe class in such a way that the students will be able to take away importantknowledge that will be useful and important to their job.  We have to ensure that the trainers’ jobdescription is reasonable for every level in the job structure. Initial phase, we need to collectinformation about the job (Please refer to the 2 chartsbelow)   Base on the above job anddepartment structure, the pay mix might be different from that of SBSTransit.  As there are only 4 tiers tothis career progression, there might not be much that we can do in terms ofbasic salary as the trainers will more or less be doing similar task withcolleagues of the same tier.  Thus, weneed to add in more variables in their pay package to motivate the trainers eitherto take on more tasks or more classes.

 We have to let society and employees feel that the remuneration is fairand at the same time it must be sustainable for the company.   Example as follows: Now that we know how theremuneration package is made up of, let us design the basic pay structure andthe salary range.  Employees are giventime to learn and grow in every grade. The higher the designation, the more complex it gets, thus there will bemore grades and for the employees to grow.

 With more grades, employees can be upgraded every few years so that theywill not feel stagnant in their position. Employees will be Salary Grade Job Title Rank Salary Range Min Max Ratio J1 Assistant Trainer I Personnel 1400 – 2100 1.50 J2 Assistant Trainer II Personnel 1600 – 2400 1.50 J3 Senior Assistant Trainer Personnel 1800 – 2700 1.50 T1 Trainer I Officer 1900 – 2850 1.50 T2 Trainer II Officer 2200 – 3300 1.

50 T3 Trainer III Officer 2500 – 3750 1.50 T4 Trainer IV Officer 2800 – 4200 1.50 S1 Assistant Senior Trainer I Executive 2600 – 3900 1.50 S2 Assistant Senior Trainer II Executive 3000 – 4500 1.

50 S3 Senior Trainer I Executive 3400 – 5100 1.50 S4 Senior Trainer II Executive 3800 – 5700 1.50 S5 Chief Trainer Executive 4200 – 6300 1.50 H1 AVP Management 3500 – 5250 1.50 H2 AVP Management 4000 – 6000 1.

50 H3 VP Management 4500 – 6750 1.50 H4 VP-SG Management 5000 – 7500 1.50 H5 SVP Management 5500 – 8250 1.50 H6 EVP Management 6000 – 9000 1.

50  We need to package the job and announceour branding (ComfortDelGro / SBS Transit Ltd) to attract people to joinus.  Staff referral will also be one ofthe good ways as our current employees will be able to share about the cultureand benefits of the company with the potential candidate.  As such, we will also reward the employeeswith referral incentive upon confirmation of the new hire.  We can also appeal to the public by givingout sign on bonus for the new hire.

  To conclude, the following willbe what the employees at the training centre can expect to receive:v Basic packageØ  BasicpayØ  AnnualWage SupplementØ  PerformanceBonusØ  Overtime v Allowance & IncentivesØ  Shiftallowance (hands on training can only be held after revenue hours)Ø  Actingallowance (taking on role of higher position)Ø  Classduration allowance (allowance varies for the length of training conducted)Ø  Classeffectiveness incentive (base on class test / assessment results)Ø  HazardousDuty Pay (for training to be conducted in the train tunnel) v Benefits (on top of statutory laws)Ø  MarriageLeaveØ  CompassionateLeaveØ  DentalBenefitsØ  HealthScreeningØ  ServiceBenefit (retirement)Ø  RetirementBenefitØ  Ex-GratiaPayment Upon DeathØ  GroupPersonal Accident InsuranceØ  HolidayChalets / Zoo PassesØ  FlexibleBenefits v Tangible ServiceØ  Scholarshipsawards (to children of employees)Ø  Longservice awardsØ  Retirementaward v OthersØ  ReferralincentivesØ  Signon BonusØ  RetentionBonus This pay will be fair andwell-accepted by the employees and union as the company is giving more benefitsthan legally required.  It is alsocompetitive in the market as ComfortDelgro does align the business and positionwith what is going on in the market.  Weare able to have a sense of the current market senses via surveys by SNEF andMOM.  Lastly, having well-trainedemployees ensure that they are able to carry out their work with ease andminimum frustration.

  Happy employeeswill translate into increased performance, which will push us even closer toour Vision.   Knowledge allows the employee tocarry out the work (which is movingpeople safely).  With constanttraining and upgrading of skills, we can ensure that our tools (buses andtrains) are always in good working conditions, which makes us the more reliable public transport provider.  By hiring the right people, even with ahigher compensation package, we can still safe money and maintain sustainableas our turnover will not be high.  Morecosts are actually being incurred during the advertising and training of newemployees.

  If they left prematurely, thecompany will not be able to reap the return on investment.  Less turnover and less major breakdownstranslate to more savings for the company which we can then pass it on to thecommuters to let public transport be affordableto them.


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