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Saudi Arabia is the biggest country in the Gulf and travelling across it often involves hundreds of miles and many hours. Long-distance travellers—for example those who go from Dammam to Jeddah—are faced with two basic choices: flying or driving. There are several differences between these options.

Many people choose flying. It is very comfortable as the passengers can just sit and relax, watch a movie and eat their lunch during the short two-hour flight. Statistics show that it is also the safest way to travel long distances. But there are inconveniences, too.

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For example, passengers must get to the airport by a certain time where they will face strict security checks and baggage restrictions. Finally, there is the cost. A flight from Dammam to Jeddah costs passengers not only the price of the air ticket but also taxis to and from the airport and maybe even car hire if they need to get around the destination city.Driving is a very different experience. First, the driver is free to leave when he wants and he can take as much baggage as his car will hold. He can also enjoy the scenery along the way and stop whenever it is convenient. In addition, driving to Jeddah is very cheap because he only needs to fill the tank a couple of times. There are, however, some drawbacks.

It can take ten hours to get there, and then another ten to drive back. Also, driving is very dangerous because there are many hazards along the way like bad drivers, bad roads and difficult driving conditions.It is clear that flying and driving long distances differ in many ways. In the end, it comes down to the individual traveller’s preferences, his needs and his resources.

In my opinion, safety is the most important factor of all so, if I had a choice, I would pay more and fly.


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