Satellite et al. 2013). The Advanced Spaceborn

Satellite Remote
Sensing has become a wide spread application in geological mapping and mineral recognition.
Exploring the spectral behavior of rocks using reflectance spectroscopy is
valuable tool in remote sensing analysis that praises traditional field mapping
methods (M’hamed et al. 2013). ASTER data information that can be gathered
about geological survey and mapping due to the number of spectral bands and
high resolution (M’hamed et al. 2013). The Advanced Spaceborn Thermal Emission
and Reflectance Radiometer (ASTER) have 14 bands where three bands are VNIR,
six bands at SWIR region and five bands at TIR region having spatial resolution
of 15m, 30m and 90m respectively. Abdeenetal. (2001) have used the ASTER band
ratios (4/7, 4/1, 2/3 x 4/3) and (4/7, 3/4, 2/1) for the mapping of ophiolites,
metasediments, volcaniclastics and granitoids. Rajendran et al. have been developed
a simple RGB colour composite image by using the spectral bands 8, 4, 1 and
used to map the occurrence and distribution of peridotites and the region of
hydrothermal alteration and serpentinization. Based on this spectral bands,
band 1 is used for the weathered iron minerals rich peridotites surface, band 4
occurrences of water and hydroxyl molecules bearing serpentine minerals in
serpentinizedharzburgites / peridotites and band 8 used for the occurrence of
Mg-OH molecules bearing minerals and carbonates in the peridotites/
serpentinizedharzburgites. For the mineralization mapping VNIR wavelengths (0.4
– 1.0 µm) have been widely used. For the discrimination of clays,
phyllosilicates, alunite and limestone SWIR wavelengths (0.9 – 2.5 µm) were
used. For the determination of abundance of silica TIR wavelength (8 – 14 µm) is
used.PCA technique is used for preparing mineral mapping by using ASTER band
combinations. PCA is a statistical technique used to decrease a set of
correlated multivariate measurement to a smaller set where the features are
uncorrelated to each other. PCA of a high temporal resolution image series can
attenuate temporal autocorrelation, thereby increasing the stability of the
data for image segmentation and classification procedures. The PCA is useful in
providing maximum visual separability of image feature (RashmiPrava Das). ASTER
VNIR-SWIR reflectance data and spectral matched – filter processing were used
to map several lithologic sequences characterized by distinct suites of
minerals that exhibit diagnostic spectral features (e.g. chlorite, epidote,
amphibole and other ferrous – iron bearing minerals); other sequences were
distinguished by their weathering characteristics and associated hydroxyl and
ferric – iron minerals, such as illite, smectitic and hematite (Hubbard et al.


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