Sarah her mother as a housewife. Sometimes her

Sarah is her name. She is a beautiful girl in the world and her is 12 years old. She lived in a village far away from the town. She has five siblings and Sarah is the youngest one. Her father is a wood cutter who goes to the forest for cutting trees and her mother as a housewife. Sometimes her mother selling ‘Nasi Lemak’ to help her father find money for his family. They are among poor families but live happily together in the village.
One day, Sarah go with her mother to the city for selling ‘Nasi Lemak’. Suddenly, while in the city a woman hugged Sarah from behind and said, “Dania my daughter, it’s been a long time looking for you. Where are you going for a long time?”, Sarah and her mother were shocked by her. Have not been asked anything to the woman, her husband to come and apologize to Sarah and her mother because his wife was not very well or not so healthy.
A few days later, husbands and wife who met in town last week came to Sarah’s house to take Sarah as their adopted child. This is because their children who have died from road accidents have a similar face look like Sarah. At first, Sarah’s mother and father protested, but that husband and wife had promised to take care of Sarah and give her the best education because they are the richest people in the city that can give anything for Sarah. They are the poor families that should not be able to help Sarah get the best education. They did not want Sarah like to be their eldest son who had to quit school and help them find money for the family. So that they agreed to give Sarah to the family but Sarah should meet them once a month in the village. Sarah also promised to her mother and father to always visit them no matter what the circumstances are. Sarah said that she will never forget her family.
However, the promise is only a promise that can be denied. Sarah has for years been unable to see her mother and father after living with the rich people. They are trying to find Sarah in the town but people are saying that the rich family has moved from another place. Sarah’s parents began to regret and thought that the rich had incited Sarah not to return home. However, Sarah’s parents’ assumption was wrong because one day, Sarah’s father accidentally came across that the wealthy family in the city. They greet Sarah’s father so well. But Sarah who did not want to see her father. She was ashamed to admit that the old man with that shabby suit was her father. The husband and wife went to leave Sarah and her dad alone to chat together. Sarah with disrespect said “Do not see me anymore because my family is wealthy and has a lot of money and property, father and mother do not need to find me again because I’m already comfortable with this new family.” then Sarah left his father just like that. Her father was shocked and did not know what should to say. her daughter had forgotten his origins after seeing the wealth of money and pleasure.
Sarah’s parents are very sad with the attitude of Sarah who have forgotten them in the village. They also did not expect that Sarah could change just be like that. If they knew that the money and wealth were able to transform their daughter into the evil, they were not willing to give their daughter to the that rich people. For them moderate life better than getting rich and forgetting themselves. The money and luxury will never last forever. The morals of this story, we should not be overwhelmingly magnificent with the money and wealth that it does not lead to the ultimate bliss. We also should not go wrong in making decisions and eventually bring it to ourselves.


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