“Sarah Special Forces.”Periods and PMS will get in

“Sarah Emma Edmondson was born in New Brunswick, Canada in December of 1841.” Her father was a farmer who had wanted a son for punishment for being a girl, he viciously abused her.

In 1857, she ran away after the abuse and her father trying to set up and arranged marriage. After she left she went and joined the Civil War when she was in the civil war she served as a male doctor for quite some time. Years pass and she ended up being  injured from falling of a mule suffering a broken arm and many internal injuries. She became a private in the civil war.  After her service is done and she returns home as a female nurse she wrote an article about her being a nurse and spy in the union army when they all thought she was a man. “She died on September 5 ,1898.” Said Civilwar.org.

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“There were just as much as of 400 documented cases of women who served as soldiers during the Civil War,” according to the records of the Sanitary Commission. Women from both sides cut off their hair, turned in their dresses for guns and fought for the side they believed in. But that is just one case out of the many. Most women were not founded out until certain circumstances happened. Like one women was not founded out until she had the child and another women was not found out until she was 5 months pregnant. If these women could do this when there pregnant then why can’t the government let us do it now?Women today are getting denied certain positions in the army because, “they are not as strong as men.

” wrote a sergeant in the Marines. They can’t handle the mental strain of combat. “Women are very protective,” an associate in the Army’s Special Forces wrote, “They nurture kids. Will a woman return fire and kill a child insurgent fighter?” Said the member in the Army’s Special Forces.”Periods and PMS will get in the way.” “I cannot stand my wife for about a week out of the month,” said a very opinionated officer in the Navy. From washingtonpost.com “I like that I can come to work and not have to deal with that.

” “If a woman gets pregnant, she’ll leave the team.” That’s the opinion of a Special Forces sergeant, a  first class in the survey. So that’s how men think of us, even though these are just some of the men’s opinions, that doesn’t mean it is true.”Pentagon rules indicate that women may not be assigned to ground combat units”  says npr.org. “This means that women are not allowed to serve in the infantry or as special operations commandos.

” also says npr.org So how is this fair to the women. Well here’s the answers it’s not women go through all of the same challenges as the men do so why can’t we fight alongside them?


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