SUB: reference to your letter number ____________, dated

SUB: Termination of Your Services This is in reference to your letter number ____________, dated ____________, regarding the explanation given by you in response to the show-cause notice number ____________, dated ____________ issued by our firm.

We have read the letter in letter and spirit and the following points should be carefully noted in this context: (A) You have vehemently denied that you leaked marketing data of our firm to our competitor, ____________ (Firm name). However, the owner of the E-mail account is an employee of that firm. We approached this gentleman through Police and he admitted that he had received information from you on ____________ (Date) He has also admitted that he had transferred ____________ (Amount)to your savings bank account on ____________ (Date) this fact was also confirmed by your bank.

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(B) Our clients were approached by our competitor, ____________ (Firm name). They were offered very good terms by this competitor and the valued clients of our firm were shocked to learn that classified information was also disclosed to them regarding their commercial relationships with our firm. This could have been possible only after the transfer of vital data. We came to know about the entire episode only after some of our loyal clients informed our CEO about the cases of leakage of classified information. We are convinced that you did transfer classified marketing data of our firm to our competitor.

You ought not to have indulged in such a heinous crime as this. Therefore, your services have been terminated w.e.f. ____________ (Date) You are requested to collect your dues from the accounts department on ____________ (Date) Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Manager Name)


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