Thank me, I shall bring the couple

Thank you very much for your gracious presence and your support and involvement in my daughter’s marriage. ____________ (Daughter Name) has now left. Her bedroom and computer room is vacant and of no use to us. Moreover my wife feels lonely when I am out on duty. Now, one of my relative will shift newly in the town and is in look out for an accommodation.

Thus, he approached me to sub let the extra room to him. So sir if you permit me, I shall bring the couple along to you so that you can personally meet them. Let me assure you, I shall remain entirely responsible for the up keep of the sub-letted room and there will be no problems about the rent. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your Name)

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Reply of the Landlord to Sub-Letting the House (Positive)

To (Name)(Address)(Date)Dear (Name), I received your letter dated ____________. It was pleasure to attend your daughter’s marriage and be a part of it. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole marriage. It’s well understandable that you and Bhabhiji would be feeling lonely after your daughter has left.

Therefore, your idea of subletting the house is not a bad one, so long as you are convinced of his character. It would be appreciated, if you along with your relative meet us on this Sunday. After all it will do us all good to know the new occupants. Please convey our regards to Bhabhiji. Yours sincerely, (Landlord Name)

Reply of the Landlord to Sub-Letting the House (Negative)

To(Name)(Address)(Date) Dear (Name), I received your letter dated 2 Dec. 2005 requesting to sublet the house. It’s perfectly understandable – Bhabhi’s loneliness and sense of deprivation.

But, I am sorry to say that I will not be able to comply to your request. As you know my parents had generally forbidden letting out the house. But in your case, I gave the house due to our friendly relationship. Instead, I can suggest you another alternative.

If you feel, I can construct you another house at the 1st floor of my building. The size of the house will be according to your need and we will to some extent substitute your daughter’s absence. So, just think over the matter and reply me soon. With all good wishes, Yours sincerely,(Landlord Name)


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