I Reply to Customer about Conversion of Account

I request you to please convert my above-quoted account into a joint account by adding the name of ____________ (Name) whose specimen signatures are appended below. We undertake to abide by the bank rules in regard to joint accounts. If, however, there are any formalities to be undertaken by us, please inform me accordingly ____________ (Name) is my son.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Name)(Address)Dated ____________

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Reply to Customer about Conversion of Account

(Bank Name)(Address) Dear (Name), Re: You’re S.B. A/c No.

____________ with us We are in receipt of your letter dated ____________ as per your request we agree to convert your above quoted account into joint account by joining ____________ (Company Name) with you. Some preliminaries are, however, required to be done by you whom we detail below: Please sign the two Savings Bank Account specimen signature cards being sent to you herewith. The two cards should bear your signatures and the signatures of ____________ (Name) at places marked ‘1 and ‘2’ respectively. Also please state the basis on which the account is to be operated on one signature or both. We are also enclosing a letter of authority for you to fill up and sign. On receipt of this we will be empowered to transfer your single name Savings Bank account into a joint account bearing both names as desired by you. We shall do the needful after we receive from you the two specimen signature cards and the authority letter and inform you accordingly.

Yours faithfully,(Your Name)Dated _____________


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