We have not ordered and at times amounts

We would like to have the information by the end of this week if possible. Very truly yours,(Your Name)


Gentlemen, Thank you for your order of ____________ (Date). It is being shipped today. We enclose an invoice and bill of lading. Yours sincerely,(Your Name) Dear (Name), I don’t understand how come so many mistakes have been creeping up in your billing recently. Is there any way this unnecessary exercise can be avoided? I am sure you will agree that a little more care and accuracy from your Accounts Department will benefit both of us.

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1. I fail to understand why there are so many mistakes in your statement of accounts viz-a-viz our company off late. Wouldn’t it be better for smooth and efficient functioning that you prepare your statements more carefully? 2. I am quite perturbed by the strange clerical errors in your bills recently. It has been noticed quite often that your bills include many items which we have not ordered and at times amounts are calculated on inflated quantities than actual ordered by us.

Such reckless mistakes create bitter experiences for clients spoiling the harmony of the conducive business environment. Therefore, we request you to take care in the future.

Starting lines

1) Your statement of accounts needs rectification. 2) There has been a grave error while preparing the bill.

3) What is the need to subject us to such unnecessary waste of time and resources? 4) You have, by oversight or forget fullness, somehow billed us for wrong items. 5) Your Bill vide No. ____________, ____________ (Date) does not comply with the items sent. 6) Your final bill vide No. ____________, against our order No. ____________, ____________ (Date) does not adjust the advance we had paid against the order. 7) Kindly note that your bill includes dues for some of the products we had returned vide order no.

You are hence advised to adjust your account accordingly and send us a fresh bill duly checked for the same. 8) It has been a regular habit on your part to send us inflated bills, or so it seems.

Mention the Adjustment to be made if not stated already

9) Our payments by cheque No. ____________, and No. ____________, have not been taken into consideration. 10) Our two payments of ____________ (Amount) each have not been included in the statement. 11) It is absolutely shocking to note that you have calculated and charged us interest even on payments made on time.

12) Kindly note that we have been sent the wrong bill. 13) Your bill charges us for the same order twice. 14) We had not had any transaction with you for the period, ____________ (Date), to ____________ (Date), yet your statement includes bills of the corresponding time. 15) With conclude you favour us with an early correction. 16) Please send us a fresh and corrected Bill Advice. 17) You are hereby required to amend the situation.

18) You are requested to take care in future. 19) It is in the best interest of both parties to please be careful while formulating your statements. 20) We would appreciate it if you take care to avoid such mistakes in the future.


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