Yours are in stock of the situation

Yours sincerely,(Your Name) Dear Sir, Your Locus stand has gone beyond reprieve on this matter and leaves us with no option but to take recourse to legal action since you have not even showed the basic courtesy to respond to any of our five reminders. Our Managing Director has taken a serious view of the situation.

Remitting part payment

Start by apologizing for the delay 1) I truly apologize for the delay in payment. 2) I am sorry you had to remind us. 3) It is very disappointing on our behalf that you had to send us frequent reminders. State the reason for the delay 4) Due to my busy schedule, it escaped my notice.

5) Your accounts did not show any outstanding balance due to a wrong entry. 6) Our operations were suspended for some time and now due to fear of demolition/sealing and presently our documents stand in a very anarchic and confused condition. 7) We were facing crises of payments. 8) Kindly rest assured. We are in stock of the situation and soon shall disburse the pending over dues with pleasure.

State the reasons, if any close by re-assuring 9) We expect your co-operation for the time being. 10) It is a matter of time that we shall attend to your complaints and settle our account. So please bear with us. 11) Kindly do not take the matters to the extreme of forfeiture. Soon enough, we shall be able to clear all our dues. 12) We appreciate your patience. Your payments shall be delivered.

Offer for part payment 13) Meanwhile, we can remit you partly say, 25% of the bill. 14) Could you please consider us in different light and accept part of the payment for the time-being until we are able to settle our due accounts. 15) We would be very thankful if you could take your payments in three monthly installments till we are better disposed with funds. 16) I am sending you a cheque for part of the payment and the remaining shall soon follow.


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