I ____________ (Date). Yours faithfully, (Your Name) Reply

I am leaving for ____________ (Place Name) for on-the-spot-study of situation prevailing there on ____________ (Date), and would like to have a travelling insurance policy to the tune of one million dollars. Please send me the necessary forms for completion and let me know the total amount of premium to be paid. I shall be ____________ (Place Name) for ____________ (No. of days) from ____________ (Date). Yours faithfully,(Your Name)

Reply to Above

FromThe Manager,(Insurance Company Name)(Date) To(Name)(Address) Dear Sir, We thank you for your letter dated ____________. We are enclosing a proposal form to be filled-in by you.

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We need hardly mention that in view of ____________ (Place Name) being a “troubled area”, you should fill the details minutely and accurately. Please return the forms together with a cheque for ____________ (Amount) (premium) to cover the risks. Yours faithfully,The Manager .


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