Dear necessity of getting the name of ____________

Dear Sir, Kindly be informed that I have been operating my Savings Account no.____________ with your bank singly for the last ____________ (Years). Recently, I have married and accordingly, I have felt the necessity of getting the name of ____________ (Another Name) included in my above Savings Account so that the Account could be operated upon jointly or severally. In the joint names of the Account my name will stand as first name, which please note. For the purpose of inclusion of her name in my above Saving Account, I am enclosing the following i) Specimen signatures of ____________ (Another Name), ii) Consent letter of ____________ (Another Name), iii) Xerox copy of her voter’s identity card, iv) Her recent passport size photograph v) Relevant page of her passport. I would now request you to arrange inclusion of her name in your records so that she can also operate the Savings Account No.

____________ jointly or severally and Intimate having taken action in the matter. I am enclosing my Bank Pass book for incorporation of her name therein. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)

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