Dear son, ____________ (Name) has got the

Dear Sir, This is for your kind information I have to state that my son, ____________ (Name) has got the opportunity of getting admission in ____________ (College Name).

It was his ambition in life from his very boyhood that after he grows up he will be a ____________ (Profession) so as to enable him to serve especially the ailing destitute in society. I am very happy that God has fulfilled his ambition. Now, what I feel is that paucity of funds is standing as a hurdle for prosecuting his studies in ____________ (College Name), You will kindly agree that substantial amount of money is needed for such studies also.

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Under the circumstances, I find no alternative but to approach your good-self to help the situation by granting educational loan amounting to ____________ (Amount) (In Words) in installments so that my son can continue his studies in ____________ (College Name)at. While I confidently hope that you will be pleased to grant this loan, I would request you to let me know the formalities to be observed. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Your Name)


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