I department. In lieu of the services

I am pleased to inform you that you have been identified by the Personnel Department of our firm as the best employee for the year____________ (Date).

Congratulations! Your services to your department have been exceptional since the day of your joining our firm. You have done your duty in the most earnestness. Because of your relentless efforts, the marketing department was able to achieve its coveted targets in the State of ____________ (Place Name).

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During ____________ (Date) you helped us get orders worth ____________ (Amount), which is well above the average sale of ____________ (Amount) during the fiscal year ____________ (Date). Your behaviour in the office is also appreciable. You have a balanced personality, which embodies the human element as well. Your relationships with your juniors and peers are excellent and the top brass is convinced that you are a loyal member of our marketing task force. It is indeed pleasant to note that our clients also value your opinion and try to buy in accordance with your suggestions and guidelines. The firm appreciates your valuable contribution and the generation of a productive and result oriented work culture in your department. In lieu of the services rendered by you to our firm, I am pleased to announce the elevation of your status w.e.

f ____________ (date) you would be the Marketing Manager of the firm, with independent charge of the target market niches of ____________ (Place name). I am also pleased to announce the revision of your pay scale. You would get weekly pay of ____________ (Amount). Bonus and other perquisites would be paid extra.

You are also being given a car by the company. I would expect that you would continue to win the markets of ____________ (Place name) for the sake of growth of our firm. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Manager Name)


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