SUB: company would provide free medical facilities to

SUB: Appointment in Our Organisation This is in reference to the receipt of your Curriculum Vitae by our personal department and the subsequent interview by our Managing Director.

We are pleased to inform you that you have been appointed as a “Sales Executive” in our organisation. The terms and conditions of your appointment would be as follows: (A) You would be appointed as a Systems Analyst in our company. (B) You would get a gross monthly salary of ____________ (Amount) per month.

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You would also be entitled for an annual bonus at the rate of 8.33 per cent of your basic salary and paid leave of one month after the completion of twelve months of service. (C) You would be entitled for casual leaves for seven days in one calendar year and one earned leave after every twenty days of your presence and working in the office. You would also be entitled for sick leave for seven days in one calendar year.

(D) The company would provide free medical facilities to you and to your family as well as medical insurance after a period of six months from the date of joining. (E) You can be transferred to any part of the country or even abroad. (F) During the course of your employment, you would not divulge any secret of the company to any outsider or competitor of the company. (G) During the period of your probation, your services can be terminated without giving you a notice or notice pay. You can also leave the company without prior notice. Please sign the copy of this appointment letter as a token of your acceptance and return the same to our personnel department. Please report for duty on ____________ (Date).

Before (Time). Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Manager Name) for (Company Name)


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