I would have to ensure that the party

I hope you are fine and enjoying good health. I am fine here. I found you to be quite tired and sleepy when we met on the ridge on ____________ (Date) I hope you have overcome your fatigue.

After wishing you a parting kiss, I went to my college on that day itself. I was pleased to learn from my classmates that the administration of our college was organising a get together of old students for the sake of developing ties among the alma mater. This would also promote relationships between the old and the fresh students of the college. These interactions are necessary because old students, who are either well settled in their jobs or are carrying out businesses of their own, do extend a helping hand to the fresh graduates of the college. This is a nice idea and I was enthusiastic about it from day one!The party has been planned on ____________ (Date) it is a Sunday. I am one of the organisers. In fact, I am heading the committee that would organise the party.

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We are working in closely-knit groups and would have to ensure that the party is success. Our teacher, ____________ (Teacher Name), would give us support and advice. There would be many girls in our group.

You would not be the only girl at the party. The Principal of our college would grace the occasion and would be accompanied by Dean (Administration). May I request you to be a part of this gathering as my partner? I would be obliged if you could come with me on that day. I would be able to pick you up from your residence and later, drop you in the middle of the night. I have got a promise from my father that he would lend me his car on (Date). Please do not let me down. I could be contacted at phone no_____________(Cell Number) for confirmation from your end.

Waiting for a response……… Yours sincere friend, (Your Name)(Your Address)


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