I garments and a group of six

I came across your advertisement in ____________(Newspaper Name), dated ____________regarding the aforesaid appointment. I am ____________ (Your Name). I am twenty-six years of age and belong to ____________ (Address). I belong to a noble Catholic family of ____________ (Place Name). My family has been settled in ____________ (Place Name) since 1959.

I am the eldest daughter of my father, the other two still going to their schools. I completed my undergraduate degree from the ____________ (University name) in 1992. I earned an overall grade point average of 3.32 in the BBA course and specialized in the procurement of fashion garments. Later, in 1993, I joined the ____________ (University Name) and completed graduate degree in Business Administration. My major area of specialisation included merchandising of fashion garments ____________ (female and male).

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After completing my studies, I went to Honolulu for a brief period of one year. I joined ____________ (Company Name) as Junior Merchandiser w.e.f. ____________ (date) and have been working to there ever since.

The aforementioned firm has reputed clients in Wisconsin, Kentucky and Wyoming. Our products are sold through retail chains in these States. I am responsible for the procumbent of apparels for my firm. I am fully aware of the latest fashion needs of people across the continent of North America.

I am also involved in the production of some family garments and a group of six workers directly reports to me at____________ (place name). I would like to change my job for better salary and perquisites. As on date, my weekly salary is ____________ (Amount) plus perquisites.

I would expect a salary of ____________ (Amount) per week plus a car, car expenses and an elevation of my current status. A copy of my CV has been attached for your perusal and necessary action. If the aforementioned details suit your organisational interests and objectives, kindly contact me at No____________(residence) any time after 8 PM. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your Name)


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