I Since ____________ (Date) I have been employed

I am ____________ (your name), ____________ (age), having good health and belonging to a noble family ‘of Suffolk.

I completed my graduate degree in Fashion Design Technology from the ____________ (University name) in ____________ (Time). Earlier, I completed an undergraduate degree from the ____________ (University name) in ____________ (Time). My overall GPA in the graduate course was 3.37 and the same was 3.

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24 in my undergraduate studies. During my academic stint, I studied fashion designers of ____________ (Place Name), ____________ (Place Name) and ____________ (Place Name). I was impressed by Italian fashion designers.

I also paid a visit to ____________ (Place Name)on behalf of my university and undertook extensive research in the field of fashion garments. A synopsis of the research study been attached with this application for your perusal. I am very keen to develop latest garments on Italian design patterns. My major work has been in the fields of cotton-rich fabrics, satin, satin silk, cotton silk and leather garments.

I sincerely feel that there is a lot of scope for Italian fashion garments in the ____________ (Place name). Since ____________ (Date) I have been employed by ____________ (company name), ____________ (address) as Senior Fashion Designer. Our product range is being marketed in six American States.

My weekly salary is ____________ (Amount) and bonus is paid as extra. I have been given free accommodation and a car by my firm. A copy of my CV has also been attached with this application for necessary action at your end. If you need any other piece of information or reference, please do to let me know at No____________.I would be glad to furnish the same.

Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your name)(Address)


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