I in____________ (place name). My command over

I introduce myself as an experienced Art Director, having a total work experience of eighteen years. I belong to the State of____________ (Place name). I graduated from____________ (University name) in ____________ (Date). After earning an undergraduate degree in fine arts from this university, I went to the____________ (University name) and completed my graduate and doctoral courses in (Date), respectively. In 1990, I joined my friend,____________ (Name), who owns an advertising agency in____________ (Place name). I worked for his____________ (firm name), for five years as Art Director.

We handled some complicated assignments related to the promotion of FMCGs and consumer durables. I had to quit the firm as my family was stationed in____________ (Place name). As such, I also shifted to____________ (Place name) and joined ____________ (Firm name) as Senior Art Director w.e.f.____________ (Date) I have been working for this firm ever since.

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Major multinational firms are being handled by ____________ (firm name). We have 350 clients on our list. However, I would like to shift in the wake of transfer orders passed by the top brass. I am going to be placed in the____________ (place name) office of this firm. I cannot leave____________ (place name) as my wife has been employed by a multinational firm in____________ (place name). My command over visualization, color matching and print-production operations is complete.

I am attaching a copy of my CV with this letter. If you need any other piece of information, please inform at ____________(Telephone no). I need not be contacted at my office. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your Name)


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