My a decade and would like to

My name is____________ (Your name).

I am a native of ____________ (place name). After completing my schooling, I left for the ____________ (place name) as my father was posted by his employer in ____________ (Company name) during the early nineties of the last century. Our family also stayed in ____________ (place name) for brief periods.

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I completed my FCA from ____________ (University name) in ____________ (Date).I joined a reputed accounting firm as Article during ____________ (Date)I was awarded the FCA degree in ____________ (date) with an overall GPA of 3.87. Later, our family shifted to Libertyville and I joined ____________ (Company name) as Assistant Manager (Accounts) w.e.f.____________ (date) I have been working there ever since.

My job profile includes routine accounting procedures, trial balance, P & L account and balance sheet. My work content is quite rich. The firm is also involved in exports to ____________ (Place Name).

I am responsible for export documentation and accounts reconciliation. Sir, I would like to come back to ____________ (Place Name), though my parents have no intention to do so. I have been separated from my motherland for more than a decade and would like to be home as soon as is possible. We have a family residence at ____________ (Place Name). I can also arrange an accommodation at ____________ (Place Name). I am married. My wife is an arts graduate from ____________ (University name), ____________ (Address).

I have two children, two daughters in their early teens. My CV has been attached for your perusal. Two references have also been attached with this application. If you need any other piece of information, please do call me at ________________ (Telephone No).

Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your name)(Address)


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