SUB: If given an opportunity, I would

SUB: Appointment in Your Firm as an Account Assistant ____________ JOB CODE: This is reference to the advertisement issued by you in the Pioneer, ____________ (Date) regarding the post of an Account Assistant. I would like to be considered for the aforesaid position and submit my particulars in brief as under. I am ____________ (Name), B Com (Honours), MA (Economics) and have a Diploma in Computer Application from ____________ (Place). I completed my post-graduation in ____________ (Date) and was selected by a charted accountancy firm through campus interview. I joined the company for brief period and then shifted to ____________ (Company Name) as Accounts Assistant (Trainee) on ____________ (Time) was confirmed in ____________ (date) and was accepted as Accounts Assistant with independent charge of Excise Duty and Taxation. I have been working for this firm for the past four years and am satisfied with my job content, perks and with work environment.

However, my home has been shifted from ____________ (place) to ____________ (Place) and it is quite inconvenient for me use local bus for commuting. I would like to shift to a company near ____________ (place) so that I could be spared the agony of commuting through the highly congested local transportation modes. Enclosed please find a copy of my Curriculum Vitae, which should be able to give you the information, which you might need. If you need any other piece of information, I would be pleased to furnish the same. If given an opportunity, I would serve your esteemed firm with utmost sincerity.

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