I (up to Class XII). My abilities could

I am ____________ (Your name), a citizen of ____________ (Place name). I belong to ____________ (Place name). I have two sons and two daughters, all of them being in their early teens. My wife looks after the home.

After completion of my school, I went to ____________ (Place name) under an educational exchange programme. I got admission to B.Sc course in ____________ (University name) and studied there for three years. Then, I went to ____________ (University name) ____________ (Address) and completed my post-graduation in science from that university. My percentage in B.

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Sc course was 74 per cent (during Date) and my percentage in M.Sc course was 79.3 per cent (during Date).

During ____________ (Date), I taught physics and mathematics in ____________ (School name). Later, I came back to ____________ (place name) and taught at a local school in ____________ (place name). I have been teaching there ever since. I have complete command over physics (up to Class XII) and mathematics (up to Class XII). My abilities could be utilised by your school for preparing your students for various competitive examinations. I plan to write some volumes on physics and would keep the interests of school students in my mind while doing so. I would like to share my knowledge with your students and would also learn a lot from them in return.

I am drawing ____________ (Amount) in my present assignment. I have also been allotted a family accommodation on the outskirts of ____________ (Place name). I would expect a family accommodation in____________ (Place name) as well as adequate arrangements for the education of my four children in your school.

A copy of my CV has been attached with this application. If you need any other piece of information, kindly do let me know at the phone numbers appended in the CV. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your Name)


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