I drawing ____________ (Amount) per week, inclusive

I completed my undergraduate degree (BS) with physics and mathematics as major subjects.

I also had computer science as a subject during my academic-stint. It was developed as the major interest area after completion of my undergraduate studies. I joined____________ (Firm Name), as Trainee Programmer and worked for two years in that firm. I helped my bosses carry out System Study and Design (SSAD) in various MNCs.

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In the meantime, I completed the MCSE diploma from ____________ (Informatics Centre Name) which has been founded by the State administration of____________ (Place name). I was adjudged the best student of my batch and my overall grade was 3.82. I was elevated to the rank of Junior Programmer by my employer after I completed the diploma. My major areas of operation include web designing, hosting information on the Net, web search and multimedia designing for customers of my firm. I work in Java Notes, HTML and VB6. My preferred back end software is SQL. I am also developing websites of three firms at home with the permission of my employer.

I own a Pentium-500 computer system. I am Net-connected at home. As on date, I am drawing ____________ (Amount) per week, inclusive of all perks and annual bonus. I would expect a decent raise in my existing pay package. I would also expect annual bonus as extra. A copy of my CV has been attached with this letter. Kindly inform me about the date and venue for an audience with you.

Thanking you. Yours sincerely, (Your name)(Your E-mail)


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