This working with this firm as Air Hostess

This is in reference to the advertisement issued by you in the monthly ____________ (Magazine Name), dated ____________, regarding the aforesaid. I would like to be considered for this post. I append the following information for supporting my candidature for the same. I am ____________ (your name), a resident of ____________ (Address), ____________ (age) and belong to a noble Protestant family of ____________ (Place). I have been residing at ____________ (Place) for the past five years.

I am not married. I completed my undergraduate degree in 1991 acts from the ____________ (University name). I obtained an overall GPA of 3.34 in the course. After completing this course, I went to the____________ (Place name) and completed a Diploma in Air Hostess Practice from ____________ (Institute name). I completed this diploma in ____________ (Date)with top honours. I had a knack for flying and serving those who moved at high speeds. That is why i chose to work for the famous airline of the ____________ (Airways name).

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I have been working with this firm as Air Hostess since ____________ (Date). My duties include welcoming the passengers aboard the plane, preparing them for a take-off, serving them cold drinks and liquor and taking care of their special diets and medicine intakes. I have completed ____________ (hours) of flying as an air hostess. I would like to shift to a growing firm like yours. I expect an elevation in my status, responsibilities and salary. In return, I would do the best for the valued customers of your airline.

A copy of my CV has been attached with this application. If you need more information regarding my duties and responsibilities, please send me E-mail at____________.I am airborne for most of the time and would not be available at any particular telephone or fax member.

Kindly accept my candidature for the aforesaid position and oblige. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your name)


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