A study team is being appointed to visit different countries for assessing the packaging cost in different industries as also to suggest improvements in the existing methods of packaging in our country. The team is likely to leave ____________ (Country Name) by the ____________ (Date) and it is requested that you may please fill enclosed Questionnaire and send the same to us by ____________ (Date). Yours faithfully,Secretary Questionnaire for Manufacturers of Packing Products 1. Brief details of your products 2. The type of packaging used.

3. What is the proportion of packaging cost of the selling price of the product? 4. Do you evaluate packaging cost at each step like storage, handling, distribution etc.

? Give brief details. 5. Have you ever tried to reduce the packaging cost? Give brief details about the methods adopted and their results. 6.

Give brief details about the suppliers of packaging materials to your industry. Thanking Your, Regards,


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