There problem like this carries in our

There are so many factors that may affect one’s view of this topic itbecomes easy to see why it is controversial.

To list all of the arguments wouldbe impossible.However, by focusing on the main topics that both that bothdefend and disagree with the issue, we are able to get a brief glance at theenormity that the outcome of a problem like this carries in our society.Right from the beginning the bible states that it was not good for manto be alone; therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shallcleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh. (God) We can also readabout God’s discussion of unlawful marriages: Thou shalt not lay with mankind,as with womankind: it is abomination.

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(God) And to the people who disregardedthis, the punishment was written simply; they shall be cut off from their amongtheir people. Is it possible to say that these words that have provided strictguidelines for all these years no longer have any meaning or promise because weare no longer a people? Or is it right to think that we are adopted into thefamily of God and are now apart of His people? Who decides? What if yourfamily isn’t Christian, does the law of God apply to you? (God)For years and years these were the words that nearly everyone followed. Only people who were clearly wrong dared to disobey the word of God. It wasclearly black and white, and often times church leaders were looked to foradvice on what to do when we are faced with a choice. After all, they represent Him, so they must know right from wrong. So what do we say to BishopJohn Shelby Strong who is quoted as saying, I regard the blessing of gay andlesbian couples by the church to be inevitable, right, and of a positive good. We must be willing to relinquish prejudice and turn our attention to loving ourgay and lesbian brothers and sisters, supporting them, and relating them as partof Gods creation. And how about the Roman Cardinal Basi Hume? He says thatlove between people, whether of the same sex or a different sex, is to betreasured and respected.

To love another person is to have entered the area ofrichest human experience. I think that we are getting mixed messages. (Cahoon)Now entering the picture is mans interpretation of the law. This viewno longer takes into consideration anything based on Christianity, by simplywhat has been written by another person. I believe that the reason for thisturn from one written law (the bible) to another is due to the fact that it iseasier to find loop-holes in something that God had little to do with (but thisis only my belief).

It is easier to see all the reasons why one can marry aperson of the same sex when you are dealing with a race that wants to beconsidered open minded and fair – despite what they may know in their hearts tobe right. In the court case of Loving vs. Virginia, the appellants are fightingfor their civil right to have a (same-sex) marriage. This particular casepoints out that the right to marriage occupies an extremely venerated positionin our society. marriage exists as a protected legal institution primarilybecause of the societal values associated with the continuation of the humanrace. (Dirty) Also, it should be apparent that no same-sex couple offers thepossibility of the birth of children by their union.

Many times similar casesinvolving female/female marriage or male/male marriages are refused by thecourts for this very reason. The state has the authority to refuse to authorizea same-sex marriage from the impossibility of reproduction rather than from anydiscrimination on the account of sex. It is now apparent how the law defined amarriage.

Legally it is considered the union of one man and one woman. This isonly because of the unique physical characteristics of each sex in being able toreproduce.Never the less, “discrimination!” is screamed inside the walls ofthe court and the issue of homosexual marriage moves from a moral to an ethicalissue.

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