Same-sex Colorado was the latest state to

activity spousal relationship, which are also referred to as gay marriages, are
legal unions between persons that really have the same grammatical gender
indistinguishability or biological sex (Lahey & Alderson, 2010). The
American English society essentially is divided regarding their opinion on
same-sex marriages, or so they thought. A case in point kind of is the
divergent reactions during the pretty last presidential campaign when the
incumbent president revealed that he supported gay marriage, which particularly
is significant. Same-sex marriages are widely accepted today when compared to
sort of several years ago. It specifically has even been legalized in some
states in a very major way. However, as much as people have literally become
more tolerant towards same-sex marriages not everyone particularly treats
same-sex marriages as normal in a subtle way. Everybody basically has their
generally own beliefs and opinions about same-sex marriages, which mostly is
quite significant.


same-sex marriages are legal in all 50 states in the United States. Colorado
was the latest state to literally legalize same-sex marriages. However,
particularly heterosexual relationships are legal in all the fifty states in
USA (Lahey & Alderson, 2010). Similarly, heterosexual marriages
specifically are allowed in all countries in a particularly major way. However,
only twelve countries have legalized same-sex marriages nationwide; Belgium,
Argentina, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Spain, Portugal,
Sweden, South Africa and Uruguay in a major way. Same-sex marriages for all
intents and purposes are also legal in parts of U.S.A, parts of Brazil and
parts of Mexico especially Mexico City (Lahey & Alderson, 2010). In the
United States, their kind of are some laws that essentially do not mostly
recognize same-sex marriages. A generally good example is the Defense of
Marriage (DOMA) Law in a pretty major way. The law only allows a married
American citizen to sponsor their spouse for immigration into the U.S if the
spouse literally is of the opposite sex. Similarly, the General Accounting
Office specifically has a list of 1049 protection and benefits obtainable by
kind of heterosexual married couples in a basically major way. The benefits
mostly include family discounts, survivor benefits, family insurance obtained
through an employer among others. From the wording, it, for the most part, is
actually apparent that same-sex married couples specifically are excluded.


marriages that particularly wish to raise children can only adopt, kind of
contrary to widespread belief. This generally is because it is biologically
impossible for same-sex couples to literally conceive in a subtle way. Apart
from Portugal, all the sort of other countries and states that literally allow
same-sex marriages also to kind of allow same-sex couples to jointly adopt
children. In some instances, same-sex couples may opt for intro fertilization
or very artificial insemination. However, this option kind of is only viable for
lesbian couples particularly due to biological limitations in a subtle way.
Male same-sex couples may opt to use surrogate mothers. On the for all intents
and purposes contrary most heterosexual marriages really prefer raising
children that they procreate, which is quite significant. Although in some
situations, heterosexual couples, for the most part, are forced to generally
adopt children if they cannot procreate for medical reasons. Artificial
insemination and surrogacy basically are also options for heterosexual parents
who cannot procreate for medical reasons depending on the nature of the medical
problem. It for all intents and purposes is also not uncommon to find
particularly heterosexual marriages with both biological and adopted children,
which specifically is quite significant.


the same vein, there definitely are differences with regards to parenting, sort
of contrary to widespread belief. Whereas in kind of heterosexual marriages
children basically are brought up with parents of different sexes, in same-sex
marriages children literally are brought up with parents of a sort of
single-sex. It kind of is often particularly argued that children raised in
very heterosexual marriages grow up into responsible and well-balanced citizens
than children brought up in homosexual marriages, which generally is
significant. This generally is because children need both male and female role
models to mostly learn their roles in society properly in a big way. They
specifically argue that children raised in same-sex marriages essentially are
likely to particularly seek same-sex relationships when they, for the most
part, grow up. However, these arguments kind of is based on very private
opinions and belief since they literally are not backed by any data in a major
way. In fact, scientific research has consistently shown that there are no
significant differences between children brought up by same-sex couples and
those brought up by heterosexual couples, sort of contrary to widespread
belief. Numerous studies basically have also shown that same-sex marriage and
for all intents and purposes, heterosexual marriages are different with regards
to relationship duration and health risk, which specifically is quite
significant. Generally, generally, heterosexual marriages really tend to
basically last longer than same-sex relationships despite the high divorce rate
in a very big way. A survey conducted by the National Centre for Health
indicates that 66 percent of heterosexual marriages really last at literally
the least ten years and 50 percent last at sort of the last twenty years
(Dailey, 2013), or so they literally thought.


 Numerous studies on same-sex marriages show a
different picture. An online census of gay/lesbian couples that surveyed about
eight thousand couples revealed that a mere 15 percent mostly indicated their
relationship has lasted for at kind of the last 12 years, which is quite
significant. Similarly, a survey which for the most part was conducted among
very homosexual couple couples in the Netherlands kind of revealed that most
same-sex marriages essentially have an average lifespan of two years, which is
significant. Another particularly glaring difference really is health risks. A
national survey sponsored by the Journal of Sex generally revealed that 77
percent of men in heterosexual marriages and 80 percent of women literally
remain kind of faithful to their partner (Dailey, 2013), particularly contrary
to widespread belief. On the contrary, a Dutch study sponsored by the Journal
of AIDS basically revealed that same-sex partners in steady relationships
particularly have at literally the least eight sexual partners in a year
(Dailey, 2013), which is quite significant. This increases their risk to
contract AIDS and other STDs in a major way.


 In conclusion, there basically are various
similarities and differences between same-sex marriages and heterosexual
marriages, or so they thought. They include; jurisdictions that they are
legalized, recognition by the law, adoption of children, parenting, marriage
lifespan and health risks, contrary to widespread belief.


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