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Samantha Mills Mooneyhan History of Rock & Roll December 7, 2017 Rock & Roll Final Music has been changing and developing for years to appeal to the younger audience and adjust to the time. The Blues was very influential to many different genres of music. One artists of the blues genre was Muddy Waters he started his career at a very young age and learned how to play the harmonica at age 5. He got his first guitar at age 17 and taught himself how to play by listening to a blues legend Charley Patton. Although he spent hours as a sharecropper he still found the time to work on music. Another influential person in the music world was Johnny Cash from the genre Early Rock & Roll. He began writing songs at the young age of 12. When his mom became aware for his love of music she put together enough money so he could take some voice lessons. He helped us build the Rock & Roll music to country music.He took the country sound and included the country and southern Gospel music and took his sound to another fan base. For Folk music, the Mammas and Papas are influential artists. Part of the appeal to the music that they were playing was the easygoing southern California lifestyle. The music was built around radiant harmonies and solid electric folk. The group’s success was brief but extraordinary. What is funny about this band is the story behind what made it possible to make amazing music together made it impossible for them to stay together for more than a short time.    For Hard rock and Heavy Metal Guns and Roses are very influential artists. They weren’t displayed as nice boys because rumor had it that nice boys don’t play Rock and Roll. They built up an audience from many live shows. They have an unique style that people like. They began to open shows for major rock bands in the industry and the audiences grew. Glam Rock was also a very inspiring part to music with the help of David Bowie, showed interest in music at an early age and began to play the saxophone at age 13. After graduating high school he started working as a commercial artists. Years later after recording and unsuccessful solo he decided to close the door to the music world for a little bit. By early 1869 he decided to reenter the music world. By the mid-1970’s he had a full makeover outrageous costumes and garish sets.   Disco equally helped music grow with the help of Gloria Gaynor. She learned how to become an music artist because she always had music at her house. Her dad played the ukulele, guitar and sang professionally in night clubs. Her brother snag gospel. She influenced the Disco world by writing songs and speaking to people’s life. Adding meaning and purpose to life with lyrics and letting them know they aren’t just taking up space. Blink- 182 had a huge impact on Punk Rock, they are the most popular band to emerge from the post green day mainstream explosion of pop music. The band performed in the San Diego suburbs in 9991. The say that the bad will have a wealth of new material to draw on with deluxe edition of California in a way.   In the New Wave and influential artists is Jerry Lee Lewis he copied the style of preachers and black musician on the piano. He found work at studio musicians for sun studios. He became a star with his unique piano driven song. he had a lot of enthusiasm and a remememberle performance that the audience game him the nickname “The Killer”. Even in his late career he never left the Rock world completely he continued to make music and perform.    For Grunge an artist that is inspiring to other artists is Nirvana. They used extreme changes of tempo and volume to express anger. Nirvana’s first single was actually a cover of a song.In less than 3 years this band became became the centerpiece of a major revolution in popular music taste. Kurt Combine did not live to see the full effects of Nirvana’s music which is still going on today.    In Hip Hop an artists that I know has made a huge impact on the music world is Beyoncé. She rose to fame in a lead singer position of an all- girls group.  She began he solo career and it began with a bang. Her album won five Grammy awards and sold over 11 million copies. She displayed her interest for music and an early age and locally participated talent shows. Her dad saw the potential in his daughter and decided to become her manager. All of theses artists are very inspiration and have had a huge impact on are music world today. All of them in one way or another have made music what it is today.      


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