Salvador a painting done in 93. It was

SalvadorDali was a Spanish Artist who was born on May 11, 1904. He was from Figueres,Spain. He died on January 23, 1989.

He died in his hometown of Figueres, Spain.He was married to Gala Dali from 1934-1958, and 1958-1982.  Salvador Dali was a student at “The RealAcademia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando”. Also known as, “Madrid’s Fine ArtsMuseum and Gallery.” Dali was a student there from 1922-1926. 4 years, Dali wasa student at the school.

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Dali had received a formal education while he was atthe school. Dali never received a degree because he was expelled.  Dali had gotten expelled from school due tothe Surrealist Movement.

During this time, Fransisco Franco was the one whoexpelled Salvador Dali. Franco did this because he did not believe inSurrealism. Dali also wanted to be expelled from the school. This did not stophim from painting of course. Dali did not have any apprenticeships after heleft the school.  Salvador Dali hadseveral different art movements.

They include: Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism.His most popluar movement was Surrealism. Dali started on his surrealism piecesin 1927. Dada and Cubism, Dali worked on throught 1929-1939. This is the decadewhere Salvador Dali had done his best work. The Top 3 “Most Famous” art piecesby Salvador Dali, ranked from 3-1 from least to most famous, they are “SoftConstruction with Boiled Beans”(1936), “Swans Reflecting Elephants” (1937), andcoming in as Dali’s Most Famous piece, “The persistence of Memory” (1931).  “Soft Construction with Boiled Beans” was apainting done in 1936.

It was painted 6 months before the Spanish War hadbegun. Dali had Painted it to show his anxiety and horror he felt toward the situation.”Swans Reflecting Elephants” was a painting done in 93. It was painted to showa reflection between 2 different things, to create one picture. This piece isalso known as one of Dali’s most Surreal paintings. “The Persistence of Memory”was a painting done in 1931. This painting many have seen before, all over theworld.

It shows several meaning between watches and rocks. It is stated on””, “Dali uses melting watches and rocks to represent thehard and soft aspects of the world respectively.

”  Long before Salvador Dali was married to GalaEglund, they were secret lovers. They did not get married until 1934. 3 yearsafter Dali had painted one specific piece for the two of them. Even though theywere not married yet at the time of this painting being painted, it was a senseof an ntimate scene he had. It represent a dream he had about the two of them.In 1934, the couple was then, married. The couple had been married from1934-1982.

A total of 48 years or marriage. In 1982, Dali’s soul was shatteredwhen his wife Gala had passed away. Dali’s painting he had done for he and hiswife was painted 53 years before her death. 7 years later, Salvador Dali hadpassed away on January 23, 1989.


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