Sabbath is the logical thing to do,

Sabbath is a day of worship that the Jews observe. It falls on the seventh day of the week that falls on Saturdays. Observing Sabbath is one of the rules in the Ten Commandments given to the Abrahamic religions.

The Jews observe the Sabbath on Saturday of every week. They observe it to show their respect to God on the day He rested after completion of creation. From Friday evening until the end of Saturday, is considered a resting period and referred to as the Sabbath; believers are not expected to be committed with any other duty other than worshiping God. The idea of the Sabbath day follows the belief that when God was creating the universe, he worked for six day and rested on the seventh day; Christians thus imitate God as their belief requires. The Jews go to temples on the Sabbath day beginning from 9.00 am after having shared a meal the previous night in observance of the rest day.

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During the service, the Jews pray, recite biblical texts and sing songs of worship. A rabbi conducts the service. Men and women do not sit together during the service and thus there are separate pews for men and women. The men cover their heads using kippah- a small skullcap. Moreover, they recall the biblical account when Moses was given the Torah at the Mountain of Sinai. The Torah contains the commandment that requires them to rest on the seventh day just as God did after he finished creating the heavens and the earth.

Through the observation of the Sabbath, the Jews get a sense of awe for God and his presence. Pathos shows that God is concerned about the welfare of human beings and the human beings show their appreciation for him through observation of rituals that acknowledge him such as keeping the Sabbath day holy as the Jews do to honor their God. The Jews have feelings of God’s need in their lives and through observing the Sabbath they show that they have reverence for him. Through the various rituals such as biblical recitations the Jews show that they are open to God and by observing the ritual they are redirect their attention to God. The Jews believe that man symbolizes God and his authority and thus have male Rabbis who lead the services. Women are not allowed to participate in the service apart from lighting candles on Friday evening in readiness for the Sabbath.

They take advice from the male leadership in the temple and Jews who practice the traditional form of religion. The Jews gather in the temple together with their families and enjoy the day through leisurely activities that help them to reconnect and build strong bonds as they enjoy spending the day with their God. They feel that they are doing the right thing by setting apart time to be with people close to them and away from their daily activities. The activities that the Jews are permitted to do on the Sabbath day should not amount to work because this is a day of rest. However, some unavoidable activities are permitted, as it is the logical thing to do, as they make the Sabbath day enjoyable and enhance the joy that the congregants gain from the worship day. Finally, conservative Jews do not allow women to become rabbis, as they believe that is a position reserved for the men due to patriarchy.

Such kinds of Jews are very strict concerning this issue and the women are not allowed to perform any activity in the temple in place of men.


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