Ryder close the door behind us tight

Ryder Cederberg                    The Fantastic Submarine                                        12/7/17  Science                                                   Writing    It’s after school now as I’m walking home thinking about the project that we were assigned for science class but it seems pretty fun in my opinion, but not so much for everyone else, but who knows. I’m thinking of doing a video game project to show how a CD works.

But come on really how a CD works. I could just say how a CD works and not bring anything to Gaming and Video games. But you know being a 7th grader that loves games and only plays games 24/7 seems pretty good for a topic but does anyone really need to know a Video game works, well maybe because of a video game displays a video on a screen. And a CD is just some disk you can put into a CD reader and only can listen to music instead of a video. But I can always think of this later. I’m getting closer to my house now, its so long but there is no homework just the project.

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It’s a Friday and I just feel like going to bed. But it’s only 2:50 so, I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll play games in the meanwhile until midnight when I have to go to sleep. There have been subs to fill in for my teachers absent. I wonder where she is.

It’s about 4:30 as I start playing games. I’m on the land right now with my friend that’s also playing the same game. Where about just about to get in the submarine and go underwater and then. We get sucked in by the screen putting us in the game where we were when we got suck in.

As my friends and I board the Submarine, we close the door behind us tight so no water can seep in and we don’t drown. It looked so futuristic. As we start up the engine we start to sink into the water as we see the meter saying 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters, 400 meters, 500 meters. A little bit has gone by and not much has happened really. All we see now fish in the water dancing around in the water as we pass by.

As I think to myself if it is even possible to go deep like 50000 meters or will the submarine just break. Also as I think to myself we could take the risk of dying in the process or somehow the ship can just withstand of how deep it is. As were driving down we see this weird object as we hit it, it disappears and now it’s behind us as we step into it, both of us feel dizzy now as we feel the thrust of air going fast against our bodies.


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