Ryan that Tom hates. In this excerpt, Tom

Ryan CulbertMs. RandoCP English 1111 May, 2018Tom Essay How does the passage affects Tom’s character and personality? The passage affects Tom in many ways especially when he is racist and aggressive. Tom makes fun of other people skins and how they can just get in people’s relationship just to ruin them.

Tom really wants the society to be a “better” place by getting rid all of the people that Tom hates. In this excerpt, Tom is trying to say that money, fame, and many more is not the way to make someone to love you. The passage that Tom said was to Gatsby that Gatsby is using money to get Daisy to love him. We can see how important wealth isn’t, all of the money in the world can’t make Gatsby “worth” Daisy. Tom is criticizing Gatsby for using money and fame to use as his advantage to get Daisy to love him instead of Tom. Even though, Tom is also rich and he can get any woman in the world and get them to love him. He is just being arrogant and he is trying to prove that he is better than everyone else.

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Another reason why Tom said that passage is because he is jealous of Gatsby of taking Daisy away from him. He is jealous that Gatsby and Daisy are having an affair even though Tom is just being a hypocrite and showing that he actually don’t care about this and he is also having an affair of his own. Tom is trying to say that Gatsby is taking his wife away from him but in reality, he really doesn’t care.

In the passage when he mentioned about when people throw everything overboard and intermarriage between white and black, this was a powerful message. Tom really spoke out his racism and it basically sums up his whole personality just from that line. He speaks out how snobby the “New Money” are and one of those people is Gatsby.

Tom explained why New Money are taking over the world and stealing everything from the Old Money.This passage adds to the novel’s meaning by telling how life is going for these people and it can relate to real life. Many people in real life are going through these kinds of stuff and are getting the same problems as Tom is getting now. People in real life are dealing with racism from rich people like Tom from the book. The meaning of this book is that not everything goes your way and life is complicated so you have to fight through it. He is helping how people have to deal with it through daily life and it is hard for them to do so.


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