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Ryan A. Marte
Professor Melanie ST. Pierre
ECON210 DLA: Business Writing and Presentations
28 October 2018
Securitas Security Services Inc.

Securitas security services Inc. is one of the largest security service providers in the USA and the world. Offering a wide range of service going from on-site security On-Site, Mobile and Remote Guarding; Electronic Security, Fire & Safety, and Corporate Risk Management. Securitas is also one of the largest employers with more than 100,000 employees in 2011. After working for Securitas Security Service Inc. for more than two years now first as a security guard and as a shift supervisor I had the opportunity to experience the communication style of the company in this analysis we going to look at how Securitas use routine messages we also going to analysis how Securitas composes informational messages using A.C.E. and the communication process.
Routine Messages
Routine Messages are short massages about the day to day operation of a company delivered on a daily basis.

While composing messages that contain a question or request author have to decide what type of approach to take a direct, indirect or implicit. A direct request put the request first and the details after this type of request are very command in the business world were time is money. An indirect request the request in made after the details are presented and is more effective went the reader will not be able to understand the request without know the details first. An Implicit request is implying the request and letting the audience to decode it this call also be effective in some case where you don’t want to put pressure in you audience.
The “you” perspective help you to understand the benefit for your audience and the question they may have about your request.
Gratitude and call for action at the end of all messages even routine one a gratitude sentence to promote goodwill will make the audience more willing to assist with the request while a call for action will reinsure the audience that you need the request.
Securitas like most large corporations suffer from a major problem when it comes down to routine messages and that is the large amount of routines messages the one can receive on a day. Securitas take it a step forward by leaving the security officers out of this communication but overwhelming the supervisor with routine messages.
Following this concept will make communicating routing messages more effective and make the audience more will to grand your request.
Within my specific site even though most communication are made through email routine messages utilizes a variety of medium form regular email to test messages and paper printed letters and memos.
Most routines messages in my site are more on the side of a direct request or what can be consider orders that don’t utilize any persuasive technique or establishes good will.

Informational Messages/ Announcements
Announcements are a type of messages that relay information to a large amount of people that they may need or want to know and can also be internally in the use of emails, flyer and meetings or externally through the use of news latter send to customer and social media.
All messages can be broken down using the A.C.E. process:
Analyzing: taking into consideration the target audience primary and secondary audiences that may read you announcement having in my mind audience benefit as well as promoting good will also the outcome that you want to accomplish and the reason for the messages.
Composing: is organizing the content in a way that will help easy understand the message and what you trying to communicated being clear in what you want to communicate also using the right voice, active or passive.
Evaluating: proof reading and making sure that the message is easy to understand. Check for content error incorrect information in the message, spelling errors caused by rushing while typing, usage error in the language used, Grammatical error violation of grammar rules, and format error in the design of the document,
Fallowing these concepts will help you be a better communicator and help your audience better understand and decode your messages.
Securitas as many large companies utilize a news latter call Securitas news alert send in a monthly basis. Let take a look and analyze of one of the latest announcements made by the Santiago Galaz, President, Securitas North America.
2018 Third Quarter Earnings Report
This morning we released our third quarter Interim Earnings Report for January – September 2018. President and CEO Magnus Ahlqvist was pleased to report strong sales growth at a rate that is outpacing the market. Electronic security sales continue to grow strongly and feature prominently in our Protective Services solutions.

On this section we can see how the main idea is stated at the beginning of the announcement and stated the purpose of the announcement.
As noted by Mangus, I am pleased to share that the North American team had strong financial performance in the third quarter. Our strategy of specialized solution development is gaining momentum and I expect that it will continue to be a significant business driver.

On this section the audience is provided with details that the audience will need also the use of active voice.
We continue to align ourselves for growth and are increasing our ability to deliver enhanced security to our clients through a complete portfolio of Protective Services that differentiate us from our competition. The recently announced Project Freedom represents our on-going investment in our employees and our commitment to modernization and transforming our industry.

On this section we can see how the author put emphasize on the audience benefits by focusing on how the company keep investing on modernization and transforming the industry.
I thank you all for your contributions to the company and look forward to sharing in continued success.

On this section we can see how the author end the announcement with a statement that promote good will.
Communication Process.
Communication mediums are the channels utilize by the sender of a encode message to reach the receiver.
In order to effectively communicate a sender, need to choose the right medium for the situation in order to avoid communication barriers which can affect the communication process and come in many different forms like the language barrier or physiological like having hearing issues. Another part of this process is feedback, the response to the massage that ensure that the massage was received.

Securitas uses a wide range of differences means of communication reaching from newsletters, emails, text messages and the all new Securitas SOS.

“Securitas SOS is a new mobile application that provides emergency services Triggered by the user or automatically detected with a fall or impact, emergency services are deployed to the exact user’s location and notifications are sent to a pre-set list of contacts” (NewsRx.com).

In paper this system sound and if utilize in an effective way it can be really helpful but is not the case in my site we have this system but even when you try to contact the Pre-set list is almost impossible to get someone on the line.

Securitas also utilize a hot line where security guard can report any case of harassment on the work place anonymously but this is also a failure. In 2008 “a uniformed security and patrol services violated federal law by subjecting a female employee to a sexually hostile work environment and then discharging her after she complained” this is sadly a common practice in Securitas I too once had a complain about my account manager and after contacting HR I was referred to contact my account manager directly.
Overall the communication prosses in Securitas is very poor many time guards will have no access to important information and with only one point of contact to the company they will also be terminated without any explanation. Face to face meetings are held one a year and guard are not invaded to attended and if you air any complaints you will be disregard with a “we will look into it” this let all the power in the hands of the account manager that is also overwhelmed with all the decisions.

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