Russell this still wasn’t enough because no top

Russell was born on November 12, 1998. Throughout his entire life he loved the game of basketball, and he played it since he was a kid.

As a kid he also played quarterback and running back for his local football team. But when he entered high school he mainly focused on basketball. The only problem was that he was undersized. He was only 5’8 but had size 14 shoes, and this indicated that he would have a growth sprout later in his life.

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    Russell played for his varsity squad the first year but he didnt start. He had to put in a lot of work. But near the end of his sophomore career a tragedy happened when his best friend Khelcey Barrs died during pickup game due to an enlarged heart. Russell did not take this easy and prayed every night and often talked to his friend about how they were gonna play college ball together. This is where Russell’s game started to pick up.     Before every game Westbrook would go into the gym before anybody with his dad to work on his shot and make sure it was on point. After working so hard to improve his skills, by his junior year he got his first start on varsity. He played well but the only problem was his height.

He couldn’t dunked and he look weird because his body build did not match his shoe size. He only got notice from low ranked colleges. After his junior year he received scholarships from those low ranked colleges. But that’s not what he wanted, he want to play D1.     The same summer he received scholarships his game increased a lot.

The summer before his senior year he grew to be 6’3. Now he could dunk with ease because of his athletic ability. In his senior year he averaged 25.1 points, 8.7 rebounds, 3.1 steals, and 2.3 assists (according to max preps) and lead his team to a 25-4 record and also scored 51 points on one occasion.

But this still wasn’t enough because no top colleges wanted him still. But luckily one day UCLA guard Jordan Farmar declared for the draft so they needed a new point guard which became russell westbrook. He gladly took the offer since it was the only offer from a top college.     His first college season wasn’t that good and he played backup point guard for Darren Collison. Russell was used as an energy player from off the bench and he never got a lot of minutes in his first year and only averaged 3.

4 points .8 rebounds and .7 assists in 36 games (according to But in westbrook’s sophomore year Darren Collison got injured and this resulted in westbrook becoming a starter. He lead his team to the final four NCAA tournament, and they ended up losing but his performance throughout the season got him an All-Pac 3rd team award and Pac-10 defensive player of the year. This resulted in him being drafted 4th pick to the seattle supersonics who later became the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    In his rookie season he averaged 15.3 points 5.3 assists 4.

9 steals. And 1.3 assists (according to foxsports.

com) and was 4th in ROTY voting as an on and off starter. He got moved to starter in his second year. He put up good averages every year he played there. In the 2016-2017 season he became a potential MVP after Kevin Durant left to the Golden State Warriors.

He is now averaging more than a triple double and broke Oscar Robertson triple double record of 41 triple doubles.


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