Running president or state where I stand, let

Running for PresidentMy fellow Americans, as you all mayknow, I am running for president this year. This presidential election isunlike any other election held in the United State before because of threereasons.

First, it is different from the rest because I am running forpresident this year. Second, there is a greater chance of there being aHispanic president being elected for the first time in America’s history.Third, more and more people have started to express their right to vote,especially the younger generations. Before I begin to explain why I am runningfor president or state where I stand, let me say a few words first. Become amaverick. Now before anyone says something, let me define the word maverick.Maverick is defined as an independent individual who thinks and acts in an independentway. This means that we should have some characteristics of both free spiritand originality.

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Now I am not saying that these ideas should control your lifeor anything but better yet, they should be foundations to help you as anindividual and to later in the future help others and eventually our country. Notthinking independent but thinking original to create a bigger impact on society.There have been many greatpresidents of the United States that have gotten elected and made historicchanges to this country. Presidents like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt,and Franklin D.

Roosevelt all made history with their decisions and actions aspresident. So, why do I want to run for president? Well some might want to runfor president because it has nice perks, good prestige, and a well payedsalary. However, these reasons are only secondary, no tertiary to me. Thereason I want to run for president is mainly because I want to make a greaterimpact on our country that no one has ever done before. For starters lettingthe people of this country know my campaign slogan which is become amaverick.  Another reason, which is justas important, why I want to run for president is because I feel that I wouldmake a more of an impact as president to carry out my ideas and the ideas ofthe people instead of just voting to see if another president will have my sameideas and inspiration that I have.

Throughout the course of history there havebeen some serious issues that certain presidents have confronted. The issuesthat I want to focus on as president are the availability and affordability ofhealth care, future terrorist attacks, hunger and homelessness, and illegalimmigration. The specific policies that I would also like to focus on areholiday bonuses in jobs, and making abortion illegal. Other issue and policiesthat I might or might not mention are also going to be taking intoconsideration, but these are the ones that I want to mainly focus on.

The first issue that I would liketo talk about is the availability and affordability of health care. As most ofyou may already know, the Affordable Care Act or ACA is an act that wassupposed to fix this health care problem. However, its design to make insuranceaffordable for people with low incomes just isn’t enough. Many people of thiscountry are unemployed and some of those who are employed don’t make enough toafforded health care.

My proposal is that we should maintain the AffordableCare Act but change a few things. For starters, I would keep the requirementthat every American need to have health insurance or they will be penalized. I believethat this requirement is important because everyone should have more than I wayto pay for health care. What I was thinking of proposing was taxing for healthcare. Now I know that there are some taxes being deducted from your hard-workingsalaries such as federal income tax, social security tax, and Medicare tax, butthis tax is one that will benefit mostly those that can’t afford health care.You basically only pay for two hours of work per month to have health care. Ifyou make seven dollars an hour at your job you pay fourteen dollars a monthwhich is eventually about one hundred and seventy dollars a year. Now there aresome catches to this plan, for example if you work over time you might have paya little bit more, like bout ten percent for every overtime hour.

What aboutthe people who make more money than the ones who can’t afford it? If you takesomeone for example who makes let’s say twenty dollars an hour and do the math,this person would pay forty dollars a month or four hundred and eighty dollarsa year which is much more than the one who would have payed less. This is wherethe second part of the plan comes into place. Those who make more than twicethe minimum wage of their area don’t have to take part in this plan and cankeep on doing the regular way of paying for health care. Those who make morethan minimum wage but not as much who make twice as much can choose which partof the plan they want.

This idea is intended to help more of those people whocan’t currently afford health care. Now I know that this is a lot to take inbut once you speak with one of our service attendant, they will explain theplan in much greater detail and recommend what course of action is better totake. Once again, I would like to say become a maverick. Once you are mentallyprepared, you can achieve greater levels that you would have never known youcould reached.

Another issue that I would like to address is the issue of apotential future terrorist attack. Terrorist attacks occur not only in theUnited States, but also in other parts of the world, such as in France, Italy,Romania, and Sweden to name a few. To start on this topic, I would like todefine the word terrorism to give you all a better understanding of what it is.Not on what you see on the news but in the dictionary.

Terrorism is defined asthe unlawful use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of personal aims. The mostrecent terrorist attacks have created a racial tension between the Muslimcommunity and everyday citizens. Many people think that if you look Muslim youare a terrorist, but that is not the case. Not all Muslims are terrorists, justlike not all people are naturally good at swimming. This issue of terrorism hascreated a lot of panic in our country. The only solution that I have currentlycome up with is to improve security everywhere especially where there is a lot ofpeople, such as at an airport and concert. Security officials should be alert alwaysand should be more in numbers in these populated places.

Of course, you shouldnot say things that could potentially cause harm to others like yelling bomb atan airport. You should not do this not only because it is illegal but alsobecause it gives terrorists an opportunity to strike when officials aredistracted dealing with you false alarm when something real could be happening.Let’s get off the topic of whatissues I want to fix for a little bit and focus on what specific policies Iwould like to focus on. For starters, I would like to talk about holidaybonuses given in jobs. One of the first things that I would make in to a law isthe mandatory of giving your employee a well-deserved bonus.

What do you meanby that? Well from what I have been hearing, some employees have been complainingto their employers about holiday bonuses. The issue is that the employer,instead of giving out a regular money bonus or something like a bonus to theemployee, is replacing the regular bonuses with employee discounts that aren’teven worth it. These so-called discounts are only five percent off theemployee’s purchase. That doesn’t even cover enough for the taxes! I have heardabout your complaints and I am here to deliver. One of my first actions aspresident will be to make bonuses worth looking forward to and not areplacement that is almost worth nothing. Become a maverick and get yourwell-deserved bonus. Now this mostly benefits the employee but then again, theemployee benefits the employer, so this plan will even out the playing fieldand will give employees motivation to work hard again.

Another policy that Iwill carry out is making abortion illegal. I am against abortion and I believethat life is one of the most important gifts someone can give or receive. Ibelieve that if a woman gets pregnant, she should accept her actions and acceptthe responsibility of taking care of her child. Instead of abortion, look for abetter solution like putting your child up for abortion. The living child won’tdie and will be well taken care of specially trained individuals. Now thisadoption solution should be like a last resort and your decision should startwhen you are about to do the deed. If you don’t want to get pregnant then thebest way is abstinence, according to health classes taught around the world. Everyhuman being has the right to live, since life starts at conception, unbornbabies have the right to life.

How is your child supposed to become a maverickif they aren’t given the chance to live? Again, I am against abortion andbelieve it should be made illegal instead of its current position of beinglegal.    Continuing from the previous issuesI mentioned earlier, I would also like to focus on the issues of hunger andhomelessness and illegal immigration. Did you know that one out of every eightAmericans are at risk of hunger due to living on low incomes? Millions ofchildren rely on food banks to stay alive. Only about eleven percent of peoplerequesting emergency food assistance are homeless, which means that most peoplerequesting food assistance have low incomes. Let me quickly mention that I havepersonally seen many people throw away substantial amounts of food atrestaurants and that makes the hunger issue even more sad. People willliterally order a plate, take a bite and throw it way.

They don’t even botherto ask for a to go plate to take their leftovers home to eat later. Aspresident, I will make this act illegal, with a penalty of a large fine. Ofcourse, this is only a minor solution to the problem. The main solution is tobuild more food banks and to advocate for people to donate goods and tovolunteer for distribution and collection. We as a community need to let thehungry know that they are not alone and that they shouldn’t give up hope.

Wealso need to spread the word that instead of buying food you won’t finish, youshould buy something you know you will finish, which is probably cheaper, anddonate the rest to the food bank to end hunger in America. You will besatisfied both physically and morally. Another issue I wanted to talk about wasillegal immigration. This is one of the biggest issues the United Statescurrently has and I intend to try and solve it. Immigration should be legal becausemost of us are immigrants if you go far back enough into history, so we shouldgive immigrants a chance to become citizens. Connecting back to health care, ifimmigrants were to become citizens, that would benefit families by them beingable to access health care. Many undocumented immigrants don’t have healthinsurance because they can’t afford it or because they don’t qualify to receiveit. That is why letting immigrants come to the United States is both beneficialto the immigrants and to the country.

The immigrates get a change to be coveredby health insurance and are also given the opportunity to find employment. Thecountry also benefits by getting an extra boost to its economy. Both will endup receiving something beneficial if immigration was legal. With moreimmigrants coming into the country, the more people there will be for them tobecome a maverick.

These issues that I have addressed are just the major onesthat I will spend my time on to fix. Also, the polices that I mentioned are oneof the first ones I intend to add and implement. This doesn’t mean that I won’ttry to fix other issues or focus on other polices.

It just means that these arethe first ones I intend to fix and focus on. I also intend to put my attentionto other critical issues, but I will mention them in a future speech or debate.The same goes for the polices that I intend to focus on. For now, these issuesand polices are the first ones to be addressed, so that I can quickly focus onother ones that are on the waiting list.  


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