“Rule the art of productivity without stress” (in

“Rule 2 minutes” – what is it about?If you can do it in 2 minutes or less, do it right now. If longer – put in the to-do list to do later.

3 ways of using:To cope with a large number of cases.To overcome procrastination, especially for difficult and important cases.Helps to develop habits, easily and without over-effort. 1 way. To be in time in 120 secondsThe classic option. It is proposed by the famous David Allen, the author of the bestselling book “How to put things in order: the art of productivity without stress” (in the original – “Getting Things Done”).If you can do it in 2 minutes or less – I’m doing it right now.Specifically?Rinse the cup immediately after drinking coffee; immediately put things in the washing machine; disassemble documents on the table, etc.

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The most useful for me : to respond to email immediately, and not to postpone it.I used to have a habit: I get a letter, I know approximately what to say. But I think – I will postpone a little, let him lie down, but I’ll formulate it for the time being.And it lies. I see him again – yes, I should answer.

 Well, then. Tomorrow. Not now. So this poor letter lies a day, or a week, or even longer. And then it’s just a shame to answer!Now, with the 2 minute rule, I try to answer right away.

 Even the wording is not ideal, but it is completely redeemed by a quick response.What is interesting – it turns out, a few days later I respond almost the same way as immediately. And if so – why waste your time and time of your colleague? Plus litter the mailbox and your own head?Exception : if you are in a bad mood, or the letter caused irritation or resentment – then, of course, it is better not to answer immediately. Set it aside, think it over and calm down.

 So then do not regret it.This method helps to get rid of debris, disorder and other litter. Keep things and things in order. 2 way. The main thing is a good run-upThere are cases that are difficult to start. Most often – it’s either something difficult, complicated. Or you do not know exactly how to take it. And we are tormented by various doubts – suddenly it will not work out, or it will turn out badly, and in general there is no desire to undertake and even begin.

As a result, the case is postponed for days, weeks, even months! It gnaws the brain and spoils the mood.Dototkladyvaeshsya until the day X – then you grab, and at the last moment, from the last forces ..

. Sometimes it rolls. Sometimes – no. Suffices quality, efficiency and peace of mind. How to use the “2 minute rule”:Do you find it difficult, and lazy, and your hands do not reach? Tell yourself: I’ll just start – and I’ll only do it 2 minutes.Overcome resistance – and spend 2 minutes.

 Read the page you need. Write down the first sentence. Assemble in one folder all the files that already exist for this project.There are two options:The first : you will start with 2 minutes, and you will not notice how to work as many as 15.

Or even an hour. Or a few hours. Then it will be much easier to continue.

The second option : the case and the truth does not go. Block. Then after 2 minutes just postpone, as promised to yourself. All the same it will become easier – thoughts and ideas are stirred, communications began to appear, something cleared up.Tomorrow again, highlight 2 minutes.

 Sometimes you will work for 2 minutes. Sometimes 15. Sometimes an hour or more. But one way or another – the matter will move from the dead point, and the process will go.When the wheels are turning, you just need to keep the inertia.

The most difficult thing is to get the body out of a motionless state, and to keep the movement much easier.So the “rule of 2 minutes” helps to cope with the most difficult, most important things. Slowly, gradually and steadily you move forward.


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