Brazel’s that believe Gerald Anderson to be

Brazel’s ranch was from an Army Air Force balloon. The new reportstates many new explanations. It says that “…witnesses are mistaken about when the events they sawoccurred, and they also are seriously mistaken about details of the events.

” The report also states: “Witnesses areconflating together, several events that occurred at different times, into a single event, and in every instance, the events thewitnesses saw were normal Air Force activities.” Surprisingly, the Air Force has never produced a weatherballoon that matches witness accounts(Rodeghier). According to CUFOS analysts, the report is”clumsily padded to make it appear lengthy and impressive”(Rodeghier) Large fonts, wide margins, as well as irrelevantphotos were also used. The new report also never mentioned or made any effort to interview witnesses that arestill-living(Rodeghier). The Center for U.

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F.O. Studies(CUFOS) found several flaws and problems with the new report.

The Air Force considers a man named Gerald Anderson to be a credible and honest witness, who is simplymistaken about places, dates, and details. The CUFOS says that there are no Roswell researchers that believe GeraldAnderson to be a credible witness. He “falsified phone records and a diary to support his claims”(Rodeghier).The Air Force also ignored the testimony of credible witnesses. A man named Frank Kaufman was involved with therecovery of the crashed object.

Written notes, belonging to Kaufman, were given to the Air Force before thereport was issued. Nothing pertaining to Kaufman or his notes appeared in the report(Rodeghier). The Air Forceclaims that the wreckage was a type of test balloon with life-like dummies inside(Rodeghier) “Key witnesses cannotbe placed at any balloon recoveries”(Rodeghier).

The report “appears to depend on the UFOwitnesses having actually viewed balloon and dummy recoveries. According to CUFOS response to the Air Forcereport, “No witness involved in Roswell can be placed at any recovery.” There is another problem e The Truth is OutThere, Somewhere: Roswell, New Mexico Fifty years ago, in an isolated section of the southwestern desert of NewMexico, an incident occurred that has yet to be fully explained. It is referred to as the Roswell Incident. Others referto it as “Cosmic Watergate.” Several people believe that it was a UFO,(unidentified flying object) containingaliens, that crashed and was recovered by the government.

Others believe that there is no supportive evidence toback this theory. The government has released reports and determined the case to be closed. But, the factsshow, life on other planets does exist. In early July of 1947, the incident began with several reports of a glowing objectin the sky about 9:50P.

M. during a large storm. The next morning, it was evident that something had crashed intothe land tended by rancher, W.W.

“Mac” Brazel(UFO Phenomenon 39). The strange debris was found scatteredover a large portion of his ranch. It consisted of a “tinfoil-like substance, strands of wire, small metallic rods coveredwith indecipherable writing, and pieces of parchment-like paper”(UFO: Enigma 63). “Mac” collected a few scrapsand carried them to the local sheriff, George Wilcox(Jeffrey). He was baffled at what he saw and contactedthe Roswell Army Air Field, “home of the world’s only atomic attack unit”(UFO: Enigma 63). Colonel WilliamBlanchard, commander of the 509th Bomb Group, ordered Major Jesse A. Marcel to investigate the matter.

He wasthe group’s intelligence officer. An entire day was spent at Brazel’s ranch. The material was surveyed and thenloaded into two vehicles. Reports say that the material was then transferred “onto a B-29 and flown to Carswell AirForce Base in Fort Worth, Texas”(UFO: Enigma). Several tests were conducted on the debris.

Shortly beforeMarcel’s death in 1978, he confessed and told researchers that the material was “nothing made on earth”(UFO: Enigma63). He told them of tests that were conducted. It turns out that the material could not be dented with a16-pound sledgehammer, nor burned with a blowtorch. During Marcel’s interview, he also stated that the material wasno thicker than “the tinfoil in a pack of cigarettes”(UFO: Enigma 63).

Around the same time as Brazel’sdiscovery, Grady L. Barnett, who was more than 100 miles away from Roswell, came across what appeared to be aportion of a ‘flying disc'(UFO: Enigma 63). According to Barnett, four small dead bodies lay beside it. They had “fraillimbs, and disproportionately large heads with big slanted eyes”(UFO: Enigma). Barnett also says that he found


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