Rostrum 1 2/3rd as long as wide in

Rostrum  moderately elongate, armed with 2 subequalpairs of lateral teeth.

Carapace  withoutdistinct hepatic furrow, varying in postorbital length from nearly 1 2/3rd as long as wide in smallest specimensto about 1 2/3 in largest. Mediancarina armed with 5 teeth, 2 anterior smaller than 3 posterior. First lateralcarina armed with 4 or 5 teeth, anterior most small, situated slightlyposterior to base of rostrum. Second lateral carina armed with 3 teeth, withoutexception.

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Third lateral carina armed with 1, less commonly 2, teeth.Branchiostegal spines not noticeably divergent. First abdominal somite with 3pairs of sharp longitudinal carinae, anterior margin bearing 1, uncommonly 2,lateral teeth or denticles.

Second abdominal somite with 2, very rarely 1 or 3,teeth in dorsal midline. Fourth abdominal somite with 3 pairs of divergentlateral carinae. Fifth abdominal somite with pleuron neither truncate norbidentate posteriorly. Sixth abdominal somite with pair of dorsolateral carinaearmed with 1-4 pairs of teeth anterior to posterior marginal ones. Eyesexpanding distally, of moderate width.

Stylocerite bearing minute distaldenticle and slightly overreaching basal segment of antennular peduncle. Antennalscale up to more than 2 1/2nd times as long as wide, not noticeablymore elongate in immature specimens, distolateral spine distinctly overreachingdistal margin of blade, lateral margin faintly convex to straight, even inadults. Mouthparts as illustrated  Thirdmaxilliped overreaching antennal scale by about 1 1/2 length of distalsegment. First pereopod overreaching antennal scale by about 1/4th length of chela. Second pereopodusually overreaching anteriorly extended carpus of 1st pereopod,    carpusabout 1 1/2nd  times aslong as chela. Third pereopod overreaching antennal scale by lengths of dactyland propodus. Fourth pereopod overreaching antennal scale by about ofdactyl, latter subspatulate, terminating in 2 subequal processes.

Fifth pereopodsimilar to 4th and reaching about midlength of antennal scale. First pleopod ofmale with endopod acinaciform. Appendix masculina  provided with about a dozen long spines inadult, reaching about to distal 1/5th of endopod of 2nd pleopod, not includingspines. Uropods reaching nearly to posterior end of telson.


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