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Ross MorganJanuary 16, 2017Period 5thGuardians of Ga’hoole book reportTitle Guardians of Ga’hoole by Kathryn LaskyAbout the author Kathryn Lasky lived in a special have in the suburbs in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her mother was the one that told her to become a writer. Her father never finished high school but still was able to get into law school. Kathryn has an older sister named Martha who was 5 years older. They were Jewish. As a kid her and her best friend name Carole used to go to circuses, so Kathryn had her dad build them their own mini circus, and they had a family dog named Suzy in their act. Kathryn wasn’t really a fan of school and she thought that she wasn’t the brightest until she got to college and got lots of A’s. She has written over 100 books in genres fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, and picture books for kids and adults. Publishing Published by Scholastic Corporation on September 24th, 2010.Characters The main character is a barn owl named Soren. Soren’s eyes are black, with a heart-shaped face, a white chest with black speckles, and a tan, buff and brown back, tail, wings and head, with black speckles. He has a certain tilt to his eyes. The next main character that we meet in chapter three is named Gylfie who is an elf owl. She basically looks like a smaller version of Soren “She was so small she barely reached up to Soren’s wing tips.” Since her kind where so short size jokes were not ok, and every now and then Soren we accidentally make one or two. Another important character would be a character that we meet a little later on in the book name Twilight who was a great grey owl. He was one of the guardians of the Ga’hoole tree and he helped Soren and Gylfie make their escape from St. Aggie. Next we have a snake named Mrs. Plithiver. She worked for Soren’s parents she was the nest maid and she kept all the creatures out. ” Mrs. Plithiver, the old blind snake who had been with the owl family for years and years, slithered into the hollow. Blind snakes, born without eyes, served as nest-maids and were kept by many owls to make sure the nests were clean and free of maggots and various insects that found their way into the hollows.” Finally the brother of Soren, Kludd. Kludd always had. Dark side and Mrs. P sensed it he had record. He had killed another nest maid and another owl, then he pushed his brother out of the tree. We then later on find out that he killed his parents, kidnapped his sister, and threatened to eat Mrs. P. Theme The theme was “you need the help of your friends and other to succeed and survive”This is shown throughout the book because Gylfie and Soren constantly work together to try and figure out how to get out of St. Aggies. They put their brains together to make up a plan, and they also use both their own person experience. Since they were raised completely differently each one had something to offer. Gylfie was the one that knew about the moon blinking if she would have to Soren he would have been brainwashed and Soren told her how the stories of Ga’hoole helped keep them awake. Thought out the entire book they help each other even when they acywer their new friend Twilight he helps them get out of a bind.ConflictsThere is two major conflicts in the book, one is man vs man, and the other man vs society. Man vs man conflict is realized when Soren was trying to go to sleep one night but there was something that was bugging him and he woke up frantic the author describing the feeling, “Once more he felt the terrible queasiness mixed with dread. It wasn’t if his gizzard might burst. But the terrible truth settled like a stone inside of him. Kludd had pushed him! It came to him in a flash, so real that he could still feel the swift kick of Kludd’s talons in his side and then pitching over the edge of the hallow.” Kludd is Soren’s brother and through out the rest of the book the betrayal of Kludd will affect both of them. Man vs society is shown when Soren had trouble learning and following  the new rules in his new home and one day they just had enough, ” There had been the question alarm, the two ferocious beaks, the laughter-oh, the laughter had been terrible- but why were his wings hurting so much? This time the question simply withered in his mind, not because he was frightened to ask but because he had turned his head and seen his wings, Bare!” Questioning was forbidden, at St. Aggie they believed that questions didn’t make a good obedient owl. Soren was just so used to asking questions that it was hard to hold them back until the day that he got plucked.Setting There is two main settings that are constantly talked about and they are an owl city named Tyto and an “Orphanage” called St. Aggies. St. Aggies is a more of canyons in the southern area of the owl world. The “Orphanage” are runners by evil owls and they go around kidnapping young owls and eggs from surrounding kingdoms. The second setting is Tyro which is a forest kingdom, this is where Soren was born. In the forest kingdom there is born owls like Soren, masked owls, scooty owls, and grass owls.Fantasy I researched the definition of a fantasy book and my source reads, “Fantasy is often characterized by a departure from the accepted rules by which individuals perceive the world around them; it represents that which is impossible (unexpected) and outside the parameters of our known, reality.” With knowing that information this book falls under this category because the source is saying that the author uses real world events, animals, people, etc. and makes it a little more unrealistic. So I think having a story about talking, kidnapping, and brainwashing owls fit into the category well.Opinion I really enjoyed the book. I loved the use of imagery and I love books that have imagery it keeps me wanting to finish the book. I also really enjoyed all of the plot twist that occurred. At the beginning the book they kinda made you look in one way then a chapter later you find out what you were most likely to be wrong. I really loved how the author really pulled you into the book after every single chapter. I would recommend to my friends that have a big imagination like myself.I completed the book Guardians of Ga’hoole #1, a total of 244 pages. Lasky, Kathryn . Guardians of Ga’hoole book #1. Scholastic corporation , 2010.Kathryn Lasky,c/o Scholastic inc,


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