Told the hooded figure said.Meanwhile, back at Fairy

Told Third Person, omniscient, Please enjoy this Fanfic, I tried my best! :)*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in Fairy Tail or the show itself.”I need to find it, I need to find Fairy Tail,” the hooded figure said.Meanwhile, back at Fairy Tail”I sensed a strange type of magic in the capital while on a mission and I think we should go check it out,” Erza shouted as a statement, not a question.”Yeah, I heard some wizards from other guilds that were visiting Fairy Tail talk about some strange occurrences down in the capital, we should at least check it out,” Lucy said concerned.

“Okay count me in,” Natsu and Happy said in unison.”Alright then Carla and I are going to,” Wendy said chipper.Gray slowly walked in behind them”Don’t forget about me, I will totally be there,” Grey said attracting attention to himself.

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Juvia’s eyes were filled with love when she saw the shirtless man start talking to the group.”Wherever my beloved goes I will go with him, I will follow him to the ends of the earth. PLEASE LET ME JOIN YOU!””Ummm..

.” Grey said flustered.”Of course you can join us Juvia, the more the merrier.”‘just great now we have this psycho joining us,’ Grey thought to himself.

‘Mabey if I do a good job Grey will notice me and then we will get married and have children and grow old together… wow that escalated fast,’ Juvia thought to herself”Alright, then it’s settled, we leave on the first train in the morning,” Erza said.”Oh come on, please not the train, can’t I walk, or have Happy take me,” Natsu pleaded.

“No, you can not! It will take hours by train and we do not have time for you to walk. Also, Happy needs to save his magical energy in case of emergency and he would run out half way through the trip,” Erza said scaring Natsu to death.”FINE!” Nastu shouted as the stormed out of the guild hall.The Next Morning”Now because of Lucy we have to wait an hour for the next train,” Happy said annoyed.”Well I’m sorry but I care about my smell and appearance,” Lucy said as she rolled her eyes.”Well maybe to start, you could lose a few pounds,” Happy laughed.”Yeah, hahahahahaha.” Natsu laughed.”WHAT DID YOU SAY!” Lucy said in anger.”NOTHING,” both happy and Natsu said in unison.”GET BACK HERE!” Lucy chased Natsu and happy throughout the train station.’Immature as usual but that is the Fairy Tail way,’ Erza thought as the watched Lucy chase the boys.’I think Lucy and Nastu would make a fine couple,’ Carla thought.”At least Erza is not chasing us,” Natsu accidentally said out loud.”YOU KNOW WHAT, I AM SICK OF THIS, GET BACK HERE!” Erza said as the started to chase the boys with lucy.Soon an hour passed and the train arrived.”Come on,” Erza said as she dragged Natsu towards the train.”Why the train, please no,” Natsu pleaded.”It’s okay Natsu, I will use my magic to help you,” Wendy said.”Really?” Natsu said with a smile.”Sure thing!”Wendy used her spell.”Huh, it’s not working for some reason, I am sorry Natsu,” Wendy said with a sad face.”It’s not your fault child, now let’s go find our seats,” Carla said.”Okay,” Wendy said with a sigh.”NOW QUIT WHINING AND GET ON THE TRAIN!” Erza said annoyed.”Yes Mam, sorry mam,” Natsu said scared for his life.The group found their seats and the journey to the capitol began, but little did they know what awaited them.Okay, I am sorry this is a week late but it is here now and there is no excuse to enjoy.


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