Rosa that we were not free,” (pg.

Rosa Parks is a civil rights activist. She made her mark on the world when she refused to give her seat up on a bus. This was significant for the 1950s because African Americans were required to do so. Rosa Parks decided to take her stand by telling the bus driver no. Little did Rosa know that she was paving the way for the African American people in Alabama to start a boycott. This boycott was the start of a revolution that was long overdue. Rosa Parks was an essential member of the NAACP and helped the civil rights movement to move in the direction of equal rights for all. Rosa Parks was an antifragile leader who allowed her to be able to make a difference even when the world was against her.
How Rosa managed to become a significant member of civil rights was many different people she has met throughout her life. The first person to make an impact was her grandfather. He taught her the values of a person who is willing to stick up for herself and others in the same situation. In her early childhood, Brinkley mentions that Rosa said, “by the time I was six, I was old enough to realize that we were not free,” (pg. 24). For a child to say something such as this is quite an example of how exemplary Rosa was even as a child. Her grandfather would sit around with a gun at the door waiting for the day someone would break in and harass their family. Rosa being the child she was would sleep next to her grandfather guarding the house. Even as a kid Rosa was determined and ready to be strong.
As Rosa Parks grew, she learned more and more about the injustices that were happening around her. When Rosa turned 19, she met a man by the name of Raymond Parks in the year 1932 they married (pg. 38) He was a member of the NAACP with Rosa and helped her gain rights for blacks to be able to vote (pg. 40). After marrying Raymond, she decided to get her high school diploma which as an African American woman was a big deal back then. Having a high school diploma helped Rosa in her fight to be allowed to vote. Rosa told people that her husband was the first person she met who wasn’t afraid of white people.
Rosa rode the bus to and from work every day. She worked as a seamstress. On a rainy day in 1943, she decided to take the bus home. The bus driver was Blake F. Blake, and he insisted that Rosa reenter the bus but at the back. After she went to exit from the front to enter on the end, she dropped her purse and sat in white person chair to pick it up. The bus driver let Rosa off and drove off as quickly as possible (pg. 59). Most African Americans were getting fed up with the fact they had to give up their rights and seats just for a white person to sit especially Rosa. Her dropping her bag and sitting in a white person’s chair was a way for her to act in passive resistance. Passive resistance was the first step to Rosas protest segregation.
Rosa became a great leader because she followed many different principles that lead her down different paths. It seemed she became a good leader by following Greenleaf’s principles. Parks was a servant before becoming a leader. She learned qualities such as listening and observing what needed to happen to guide others in the same direction. Rosa made a point without causing destruction she showed others that a woman could stand up to a white man. Parks states that the “situation felt unfair” (pg. 59). The bus driver proceeded to slap Rosa on the cheek, and she would not allow that to break her. For her to be able to stand up for herself in a world where no one is on your side was a big deal and an excellent example for those who don’t know how to stand up for what is right.
About 12 years later “50,000 people in Montgomery Alabama Boycotted the bus system, and this boycott lasted for nearly a year” (Rosa Parks, n.d.). This boycott revolutionized the civil rights movement. A lot of famous people joined, and after a long year of losing money on transportation, African Americans won not just for Montgomery but the whole United States. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. The night of her arrest “a flyer went around stating negroes have rights too” (Rosa Parks, n.d.). People felt what Rosa did refusing to give up her seat to a white person was brave and the start to a new beginning. Rosa help start the boycott. After 381 days of African Americans refusing to use public transportation if segregated, they won. Rosa was the second woman to be arrested for not giving up her seat and was the reason a revolution began. Parks stated, “I was proud of my crime” (Rosa Parks, n.d.). The fact that a person not getting up from the bus for someone who is white is considered a crime made her sick and fed up with the injustice.
After the boycott, Rosa continues to be an incredible servant leader by leading others to do great things also. A few years after the boycott Parks had a hard time finding a job, so they moved to Hampton, Virginia (Rosa Parks, n.d.). She found a job there, and after working for a while, a senator hired Rosa to be a team member. In 1979 she was awarded an award called the Spingarn. It was given to “African American women who made outstanding achievements” (Rosa Parks n.d.). After winning the boycott, Rosa did not stop her hard work to make the world a better place she worked hard at it every day.
In conclusion, Rosa Parks was a woman who inspired many others to be as brave and committed to civil rights as she was. She leads many by listening and finding solutions even if it meant her going to jail. Being a servant leader is being able to influence others and teach them to go on the right path. Rosa did not just lead others she became a leader by joining with them. Rosa is an inspiration to the woman and African Americans everywhere. Rosa became a servant leader by being antifragile and being persistent. Lastly, by serving her community in a way that helped everyone gain equal rights. The boycott led to the desegregation of transportation in Montgomery and was the start of a revolution.


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