Ronnie canvas.10Tug of War SeriesPicture 4DescriptionThis piece

Ronnie Mohamad, the founder of the artwork, “Tug of War Series”. Ronnie Mohamad was bornin 1978. He comes from Johor, Malaysia. Ronnie Mohamad is a Malaysia visual artist. Now livesand works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of his paintings are using the charcoal. Besides that,”Tug of War Series” are present by charcoal and canvas.10Tug of War SeriesPicture 4DescriptionThis piece of artwork is to show the traditional activities in the village. This artwork shows thetraditional method of tug of war.Recognisable Subjects:In this artwork, there are a lot of object performs. First, there were five persons showed on thispainting. Next, it also shows a rope and a piece of cloth. This piece of artwork also present intwo parts of the canvas.Visual Elements and Their Qualities:Visual element of line: First, the artist used the different line to create this artwork. Differentlines have different feelings in different parts. For instance, there are lines such as straight line,horizontal line, curve line and also the thicker line in this painting.Visual element of colours: Secondly, the colors uses by artist in the whole picture are black andwhite. This is because the material the artist used is charcoal.Visual element of textures: These pieces of artwork look rough on the surface. The reason of the11rough surface is because the material used in the artwork.Visual element of shapes: Besides that, there are two kinds of shapes uses by the artist. Theshapes used in the artworks are organic and geometrical shapes. The shape that created thehumans body is organic shapes. In addition, geometrical shapes are uses on the pattern of thebatik. For example, the geometrical shape on the batik, which is a crystal shapes. It also showsthe repetition of shapes.Visual element of composition: The composition used in this artwork is to emphasis the peoplewho standing at the end of group. This bring out important information about the personstanding in the end of the group is very importance in the tug of war. Refer to picture 5Picture 512Picture 6AnalysisSize Relationships:This piece of artwork shows the contrast in size. In fact, in a painting, larger objects are moreimportant than smaller objects. Picture 6 show the contrast of size in this artwork. For example,the size relationships between the peoples are bringing out the meaning of the importance ofthe biggest object.Shape Relationships:This artwork uses the geometrical and organic shape. Geometrical shape created pattern.Colour Relationships:Black and white colors showed in this pictures. That is because the artist uses materials ofcharcoal. The color scheme is monochrome. So, the artist use different tones to create the lineand shapes. Next, it also create light and dark, and contrast. Contrast in background can also seein the background. That is white background and the object are black. For example, it wasdifferent kind of tones used on the human body.13Picture 7Picture 814Space and Volume Relationships:This piece of artwork use the negative and positive space. Furthermore, this artwork is one-pointperspective. For instance, the object in this artwork are getting bigger from the background toforeground. That means the nearest object will biggest than other. The space of this artwork letviewer have a depth feel because the gradient show on the picture.Textural Surface Relationships:This artwork perform with crude and rough surface. This is an abstract texture.InterpretationThe artist, Ronnie Mohamad was describe local traditional cultural activities on the east coast ofMalaysia. Ronnie Mohamad has long worked with local photographers and communities ontug-of-war. The artist through his observation of human nature to re-organize the competitiongame. The players are wearing the traditional batik. This give an opportunity to artist to showthe color contrast. This artwork mark the attitude about hard working.Tug of war, a game easy to set up and without any cost. This activity need a long rope and apiece of cloth only. Between, have eight players in each group.Besides that, this artwork gave an information, there was the importance of team-work. Tug ofwar is an activities play in group. This traditional activities are test the trust between teammatesand also their cooperation. From this activity, players will becomes confidents and strength.Furthermore, this artwork also has a meaning, which is power. Tug of war need two team’splayer to done it. However, the competition should have lose and win. The powerful one will wina victory. It also felt proud for the players because the successful.Last, the artist create this artwork to remind next generation about this traditional event. So that,they can preserve this traditional event for long time.JudgementThis piece of artwork is great in using dark and bright. It look contrast. Artist uses a lot of tonethat help the characters to look more nature. The artist play with positive and negative spacethat created a contrast effect to emphasis the character as well as the illusion of depth. Thisartwork lets viewer feel natural and realistic.However, it also has a lacking part. That was whole picture only have two tones that is black andwhite. It will feel bored even though the tones in use are excellent. If the artist mixed with thesoft pastel, this work will becomes very excellent. And not feel boring.ExpressivismIn conclusion, this is an expressivism artwork. The information from this artwork is to remind the15new generation about this traditional activity, which is “Tug of War”. It also let the teenager beconfidence and communicate with other. If each other so that they can maintains a good andclose relationships with one and another.


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