Romero a boyfriend from high school here

Romero like to hangout with his friends but he will do anything to be with Veronica. Sadli Veronica has a boyfriend and she  like to hangout with high school student. Here boyfriend is in high school football time romero when to join football time but he was just  a wieter. Romero is in 7the grade he have one brother a sister and he like older womens.

Romero head crash on veronica but veronica had boyfriend from high school. Romero decided to go to high school dance with his friends because  veronica will be there with her boyfriend. Romero and his friends when there to try to buy tickets there was a highschool student  front of the office the lady say are you lost boys the respondent no.

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there were lots of student behind them and the war  staring at them. The lady say what you want romeo respond the war buying tickets and the student start laughing  at them. One off the student says get lost these high school dance. Romero friends buy the tickets after couple days later it was a high school dance day Romero show up but his friends never show up to the dance.  Veronica is in 8th grade she have on sister and she is  captain of the junior high cheerleader and she like to date high school kids. Veronicae have a boyfriend from high school here boyfriend is a captain of football team. Veronica like to go every                   day to  watcher her boyfriend at practice and she go to ever game to sport here boyfriend.

 Annette is 10th grade she is 16 year old and she have on sister she the one how pass the tickets to other student. Annette have no boyfriend and she is going to beacom 17 this mount. After couple days ago she swa  Romero in the store she tall romero to out of her sister boyfriend because he is dangerous. The most think i like about the story is that have Romero express his feeling to veronica how mhace he love her even she have boyfriend and Annette giving Romero  waringin to stop loving here.


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