A distributors by selling their products. He also

A salesman provides necessary assistance to the customers in meeting out their requirements.

He makes a detailed study of their needs and requirements, provides alternatives and helps in selecting the best one. A salesman provides a wide range of services to his customers. A salesman’s job is not over with the sale. He also educates his customers in deriving maximum benefits from their products. He demonstrates the operation of the product to the customers tells them about the maintenance of the product and provides after-sales services according to the nature of the products. Salesman acts as a friend and guide for the consumers.

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He helps the consumers in satisfying their wants. He informs them about the existence of a product and its various benefits. He also assists the consumer in selecting a product. By presenting a variety of products before the consumers, he provides them an opportunity to select the best goods to suit their need.

A salesman brings the manufacturer and the consumer close together. In fact, he acts as the link between them. By remaining close to the customers, he is able to know the exact needs, taste and choice of customers and accordingly inform the manufacturers regarding the latest market trends, customer’s likings, state of competition, etc. This enables the manufacturers to produce goods according to the liking and desire of the customers and thus take right business policy decision.

As a result, consumers are also able to get exactly what they want to satisfy their needs and requirements. Salesman also renders yeoman service to the producers. He helps producers and distributors by selling their products. He also increases sales by creating new customers. As a matter of fact, salesmen make large-scale production feasible as they help in mass selling and quick turnover. By making large-scale production possible, they help the producers in reducing the cost per unit (economies of large scale production) and thereby enabling them to earn high profit.

They also help in the exploration of new markets for the new as well as the old products. They interpret the sentiments of the market and help in proper forecasting. They, undoubtedly, ensure ever increasing turnover by their personal efforts. These salesmen also inform the manufacturers regarding the shortage and abundance of their products in the market from time to time. The society also stands to gain through salesmen. They help in increasing the aggregate production.

They also increase the opportunity for employment. In many ways, they are responsible for the improvement in the standard of living of the society. They play a major role in maintaining equilibrium between the demand and supply of a product and thus reduce the fluctuations in price which is necessary for maintaining stability.

Thus, salesmanship plays a vital role in the uplifitment of the social progress of a country. At present salesmen’s role and responsibilities have increased considerably. At every step, right from the procurement of raw materials to the selling of products, salesmen are needed to bring the buyers and sellers in close contact. The successes of salesmen depend on the effort, time, energy, and expenses involved in the channel of distribution. Manufacturing and distribution activities depend largely on the effectiveness of salesmanship. It is for this reason that the modern-day salesman is often described as ‘the spearhead of modern business’.


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