Road tremendously suffering the life of human

Road transportation provides benefits for both nations and individuals directly and indirectly by facilitating movement of goods and peoples from place to place within short period of time by enabling access for market, recreation, health care and education. However the increment of transportation has also a negative impact on the human health in the form of road crash, environmental pollution and noise which reduces the activity of people in their daily life activity. Among the negative impact of transportation especially regarding on road transportation is traffic road accident. Road accident is one of the growing global and national public health issue endangering the quality life of mankind daily.According to world health organization road safety report more than 1.

25 million people die each year on the world’s roads, with more than 50 million sustaining serious injuries and living with long-term uncomfortable health consequences (disabled) by traffic crash. Even if only 48% of registered vehicle in low and middle income country more than 90% which means 1.1 million of death occurs in the country from the total death due to road crash. Among those death of people in road traffic crash half of them are pedestrian, cyclist and two wheeler s users of motorist. In addition to tremendously suffering the life of human being, road traffic crash drives the life of one family or nation in to the poverty by expensive them including medical cost, funeral cost, loss of family and cost of rehabilitation and finally world health organization predicts that in 2030 traffic road injuries will be the fifth leading cause of death following low respiratory infection disease. The main issue to cause of road traffic injuries are speeding, drinking and driving, young drivers and riders and inadequate visibility are some of the problem for the occurrence of traffic crash and road side object, non-use of seat belt, non-use of motor cycle helmet and child restraint use in motor vehicle are the risk factors influencing the injury severity according world health organization global road safety report (WHO, 2015).

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