Ring, ready for today’s catastrophe. I didn’t know

Ring, ring goes my ipad at around six o’clock am that morning. As I slowly rolled to the side of my bed I did not know what to expect, who could possibly be texting me this early in the morning. My screen piercing my eyes at its full brightness as the message came from one of my group members. It read, “Please, please help someone I forgot to bring the bananas.” I froze in that moment not knowing what to think. What will we do, how will we serve banana and mango milkshakes without BANANAS.

I soon got ready for today’s catastrophe.I didn’t know what to do, I was about to reply to the message when 10 other messages came at once and everyone in my group was commenting and asking what to do. I took a deep breath and knew this was my time to be a leader, I typed up, ” Everybody just bring all the bananas you can find at home.” Everyone is frantic and scared coming to school with thoughts unbearable. As we all arrived at school hoping for the best I see two of my group members. As Zaeem and Yusuf walk in you can feel the anger but at the same time fear on their faces. We all sit down for class as five minutes go by the ten soon fifteen and so on.

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I was really scared as the time slowly ticked by.At this point I was also getting a little angry. Thoughts like ” Is Ibrahim actually not going to show up.” ” He was supposed to bring the bananas.” ” We only have twelve bananas.

” all ran through my head. As my patience and thoughts were ready to burst we hear a door creak. As the door hinges slowly pinch open I see Ibrahim. Not knowing whether to be happy or disappointed my group members and I all rushed to him, each one of us ready to let all our thoughts out. Soon enough Ibrahim turns around and to our amazement he is holding a gigantic bag of bananas. Alhamdulillah my thoughts sit at ease as a sigh a huge sigh of relief. Thank god we had more bananas and with that our confidence bagan to rise again.

A few hours go by and it’s time to set up our stalls. As we began setting up our stall we notices that the table cloth we wanted to use was to short for the tables we were using. We all remained calm because we knew we had multiple others in another bag in our class. Yusuf quickly ran to get the table cloths while the rest of us continued setting up. A few minutes later Yusuf walks in empty handed, out of breath and a little scared. We all had a very uneasy feeling inside hoping it was not what we thought it was. Soon he walks over and doesn’t say a word, but boy did his expression say enough.

We all drop what we were doing and run scavenging for our bag of table cloths. As time slowly ticks by most of us give up and think of an alternative. We asked the school, other stalls and even other teachers, everyone we could for an extra table cloth, but sadly no one had one. Not long after Yusuf, who had been gone for quite some time making us think he ditched walks in with the bag and we all jump with joy. To everyone this did not seem bizarre because everyone knew about our dilemma. So without any time to lose we scramble to get everything ready in the last five minutes and somehow with allah’s help we do.As the fair began we all relaxed and sold our goodies with happiness and professionalism.

As time goes by our stall was booming with sells. We were all extremely happy and proud of what we had gone through and accomplished the day. As the fair came to an end we ate each others food and treats then took a long time cleaning up. After that we all had stomach aches from the amount of food we ate,but overall our group did an amazing job and had really enjoyed the experience. We also took a moral home with us ” Never and I mean never leave anything to the last minute.”


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