Right Economics and achieved 3rd position in

Right from the very beginning I have a keen interest in business related programs and it naturally came to me because in my upbringing I observed my father as a business person who look after our family business and always indulge in business activities. Having a desire to expand our business I require to acquire in-depth understanding of new techniques and modern technologies through higher studies and need to develop professional skills by taking some practical exposure of international organizations.

Throughout my life, I’m inevitably exposed to several life changing and strengthening lessons which thought me that if there is a will there is a way. If you have a burning desire for attaining your ambition you yourself will find out a route to achieve it. As an enthusiastic, young and ambitious person who always looks forward to learning and achieving goals in life. I sharpened my personal skills to deal with various barriers and complications in my life and equipped me with dedication, resilience, firmness and caring as part of my character that’s why I believe, it is the perfect time to gear up my career to next level.Because of my personal interest toward education, I have always been a good student, took part in extracurricular activities and obtained good marks. I did my matriculation with A-1 grade and got a place in well reputed college for higher secondary education. After my High school I secured admission in University of Karachi which is one the largest institute in terms of area and faculties and well-renowned University of Pakistan.

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I did Bachelors program in Economics and achieved 3rd position in Department of Economics. During my undergraduate studies I have gained Knowledge about the fundamentals of economics activities and production cycle such as the proper utilization of available resources for overall development and for the well-being of the society. Whereas, My MA in Economics enhanced my command and information about different global economies and business cultures, as well as potential markets for commodities. My Master’s studies also provided me essential awareness of International trade that helped me in understanding commerce background, trade policies, merchandising and influence of other countries and their business environment. I have completed my Master’s program with 1st position in MA Economics and it was a pride moment for me when received Gold Medal which was awarded by our Minister of Education at University of Karachi convocation in 2015. During studies I carried out several assignments and group presentations, by working as a group leader and a responsible team member it has given me immense exposure and boosted my confidence and managerial skills.My interest in Supply Chain Management gradually developed to a great extent while studying International trade and Economics, Monetary Economics, Management Economics and related courses in last year of degree and led me to do an advance certification course in Supply Chain Management that I had done during job. Since last 3 years I have been working as a Market Manager at ABN Overseas Education.

While my work experience I have improved my professional skills and knowledge through keeping in touch with day to day work challenges in various domains. Now, I believe that abroad higher education and studying graduate program in your respectable institution will provide me the golden opportunity to further groom and give perfect platform towards successful long-term career.Master of Science Program in Service Management, Supply Chain Management will provide me great knowledge and skills in the fields of International business and Supply Chain management. This degree will also allow me to interact with people of different cultures and will help me learn their way of working and doing management in my career.In order to pursue my goal I feel your program could becompatible with my career interests, which is furnished by a network of highly motivated specialists and an atmosphere that encourages commitment to the course on a profound level. I feel the Department of Service Management at LUND University for Master of Science Programme (120 credits) in Service Management and Supply Chain Management is the perfect place for me.I choose LUND University to pursue Higher Studies because Lund University is one of world’s highly respected and most diversified universities. The University has the most prestigious, distinguished and experienced faculty and learning atmosphere that is very much favorable for students.

 Moreover, The University offers various recreational activities which are necessary for student’s healthy mind.I am fully convinced that Sweden is the better option as it dominates in almost every aspect regarding the higher studies. Sweden offers high quality education that is globally recognized, followed and appreciated.

It’s higher studies helps to open doors of the future and can be beneficial for the bright long term career. Also the culture and environment is suitable for the higher studies pursuance. Sweden is one of the technology leaders and has diversified with giant industries from which I can enhance my experience and can improve my technical skills.

In addition to that, it promotes creativity-which is central to my chosen field of study. The evidence being the Sweden ranks among the world’s most innovative countries.I am confident that I will meet all the expectations that are required to pursue higher studies abroad and will contribute in the progress and prosperity of my country through the diversified knowledge and experience that, I will get at your esteemed institution. Also, after the establishment of Pak-China Economic Corridor, Pakistan will require professionals with service Management skills to a great extent.

 I am positive that by studying alongside the dedicated professionals and students in your school, I will have meticulously refined my independent thinking and research capabilities. I eventually will be able towork as a professional manager, and I will be able to engage in enlightening research and acquire a more profound academic foundation.


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